Logan Paul Does Splits All Over New York & Even Hardened New Yorkers Can't Help But React — VIDEO

I bet you're not as flexible as Logan Paul, the Vine star doing splits all over New York. Paul, who lives in LA, recently came to New York City to give people a show, and show he did — by doing the "surprise splits" all over the city, and making a great little Vine compilation video of his prank (if you'd call this a prank). Paul currently has 8.4 million Vine followers, and with his skills, it's not hard to see why. I mean, if I could do the splits like that, I'd expect as much attention for it. That stuff's not easy guys. I know because I yoga, and my splits kind of look like I fell off a building and broke both my legs. Also, my splits are not even splits because neither of my legs are straight and my crotch most certainly is not on the ground.

Paul told BuzzFeed News the splits are all about sex appeal: "In my endeavor to become the sexiest man in the world, I learned that when you’re flexible, you’re sex-able. So I decided to stretch all the time, and before I knew it I was able to do the splits!" Paul also said that the splits don't hurt; there's actually no testicle crushing going on as he lands on the backs of his thighs, rather than right on his nut sack. Here are some of the best moments from Paul's New York sojourn:

1. Much Better Than "Show Time"

2. Surprising The Brunch Crowd

3. Inspiring A Strange Amount Of Nonchalance In Onlookers

4. Confusing Tourists

5. Flat Out At The Flat Iron

Watch the entire splitting compilation below:

Images: Logan Paul/Vine; Logan Paul/Facebook (5)