What's Coming to Netflix In September 2015? Amazing Throwbacks & Highly Anticipated Seasons Are Ahead

So I don't know about you, but I'm all psyched up for September. Half of that has to do with the influx of new Netflix releases, and half of that has to do with the fact that my apartment has no air conditioning. Regarding the former, though, I'm pretty psyched to say that the list of Netflix releases for September is definitively in, and we have a whole slew of shows and movies to marathon watch as we embrace the joys of sweater weather and pumpkin spice lattes.

...OK, actually, I'm going to be honest with you, because I consider us to be so close. This month isn't quite as exciting as the time when Gilmore Girls hit Netflix, or when you spent all of January ringing in the new year with Friends. But there are some great additions to your favorite shows, and a handful of movies, that are definitely worth checking out. Plus, there's even a dark horse contender that's going to hit you right in the childhood. So brace yourself, kids.

Anyway, after combing through the list, I sought out all the highlights of this month's newcomers. So, check out my picks for next month, and scroll down for the full list below.

Moonrise Kingdom

Movieclips Trailers on YouTube

Everything Wes Anderson does is so aesthetically pleasing (I'm still reeling at the cinematic macaron box that was The Grand Budapest Hotel) so I am super psyched to finally latch onto this. Precocious pre-teen runaways, pretty colors, and Ed Norton? I swoon.

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Between the additions of Reading Rainbow and Bill Nye, Netflix is really throwing us back hard. But I'm personally pretty psyched for the return of Mister Rogers, who always served up some great cardigan-spiration.


JoBlo Movie Trailers on YouTube

This Oscar-nominated gem, which features Judi Dench as a mother looking for the son she was forced to abandon, is great if you like being sucker punched in the emotions. Also: top tier acting.

Walking Dead Season 5

amc on YouTube

Just in case Fear The Walking Dead isn't satiating your zombie cravings enough, relive the magic of Season 5. Spoiler alert: lives are lost, showers are taken.

Check out the rest of the list of amazing Netflix additions below.


The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl (September 1)

Zathura (September 1)

Up in the Air (September 1)

Combustion (September 1)

Giggle and Hoot's Best Ever (September 1)

Black Or White (September 2)

Bad Night (September 4)

6 Years (September 8)

Teen Beach Movie 2 (September 9)

Fugitivos (September 10)

Madame Bovary (September 11)

Why Did I Get Married? (September 12)

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret (September 15)

Moonrise Kingdom (September 16)

Keith Richards: Under The Influence (September 18)

Smosh: The Movie (September 22)

Philomena (September 22)

R.L. Stein's Monsterville (September 29)


Puffin Rock, Season 1 (September 1)

The League, Season 6 (September 1)

Da Jammies, Season 1 (September 1)

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, Volume 1 (September 1)

72 Dangerous Animals: Australia, Season 1 (September 1)

Person of Interest, Seasons 1-3 (September 1)

Los Hombres También Lloran, Season 1 (September 1)

Madam Secretary, Season 1 (September 4)

Longmire, Season 4 (September 10)

Portlandia, Season 5 (September 12)

Comedy Bang! Bang!, Season 4 (part 2) (September 13)

Call the Midwife, Series 4 (September 14)

The Blacklist, Season 2 (September 16)

The Mysteries of Laura, Season 1 (September 17)

Gotham, Season 1 (September 21)

The Following, Season 3 (September 21)

Person of Interest, Season 4 (September 22)

VeggieTales in the House, Season 1 (September 25)

Parenthood, Season 6 (September 25)

Blue Bloods, Season 5 (September 25)

Hawaii Five-O, Season 5 (September 25)

The Walking Dead, Season 5 (September 27)

Bones, Season 10 (September 29)

Image: Focus Features (1)