14 Hilarious Blue Bell Jokes As The South Gleefully Celebrates The Ice Cream's Return

Texans and ice cream lovers, rejoice! On Monday morning, the famed Blue Bell ice cream returned to stores after a very long ice-cream-less four months without it. People are celebrating the resurrection of the classic treat, and of course the Twitterverse is alive with hilarious jokes about Blue Bell's return.

Texas-based Blue Bell Creameries, a staple in the south, issued a voluntary recall of all their products four months ago, due to concerns about listeria — a bacteria that can lead to a serious infection. In March, the CDC broke the news that there was a link between several listeriosis cases and the ice cream. After it recalled a few products and major grocery stores pulled the frozen treats, the company issued a full-on recall for all of its products in April.

Blue Bell fans mourned the loss for months. But on Monday, that changed. According to ABC13 News, a Texas-based ABC affiliate station, hundreds of people lined up outside the Brenham, Texas HEB (a Texas grocery chain) in anticipation on Monday morning. By 7 a.m., nearly half the store's stock of Blue Bell was gone.

Blue Bell's comeback is slow and steady. Right now, it's only available in a few locations: Brenham (the ice cream's original source), Houston, Austin, and some select parts of Alabama. They're also initially distributing just four flavors. The company has been unveiling flavors all week on social media — Homemade Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate, Cookies 'n Cream, and The Great Divide are the first to hit the market.

Despite the gradual comeback, people were ecstatic. According to USA Today, some grocery stores are setting caps on the amount of Blue Bell customers can buy. One store has signs saying, "So that all of our customers can enjoy this delicious treat, please limit your purchase to two Blue Bell items," while a Austin HEB is maxing customers out at four. A Houston grocery store declared a "Blue Bell for Breakfast" event on Monday, hosting an ice-cream-eating contest. That's how popular this stuff is.

Twitter is alive with hilarious ice-cream-fueled tweets celebrating the brand's return. Here are some of the funniest ones:

Odds are, you're dreaming about a giant scoop of ice cream now. Guess we all need to road trip down to Texas and snag some newly resurrected Blue Bell.

Image: Jess/Flickr