Tyga & Kylie Jenner Make Out In His New Video & Literally Nothing Else Happens — VIDEO

If you aren't yet convinced that Kylie Jenner and Tyga are dating, let this be what finally does the trick. On Monday, Tyga released his new music video for "Stimulated" starring Kylie, and as you might have expected, the entire thing is basically a homage to the fact that their previously controversial relationship is now legal since Kylie turned 18 earlier this month, even though that doesn't change the fact that there's still a seven year age gap between them. The video is basically an "F you" to the people who didn't think they should be together because of their age difference, and as Tyga raps that "they say she young, I should've waited," Kylie comes over. And after that, "Stimulated" is all about Tyga and Kylie making out. Like, that's all that Kylie exists to do in this video.

And they're not even making out for the whole video — just a few parts. Sometimes Tyga is walking around, composing his rap song and thinking about his awesome mansion on the beach — something I'd totally do if I were him. But anytime Kylie is on screen for the rest of the video's three minutes and 30 seconds, we're basically treated to a front row seat to her and Tyga smooching, and that particular creative choice seems to have a pretty deliberate meaning to me.

TygaVEVO on YouTube

I get it. They've faced a lot of haters since their romance started. But if this is really meant to be their first public act as a couple now that Kylie's legal as I suspect it is, it might not have been the right way to go about it. Wouldn't it have been nice to see Kylie and Tyga watching Netflix on the couch together, grabbing lunch at Chili's, or arguing about something Kris Jenner said the last time they came over for dinner — you know, like, real couple things? But instead, it's just a few random make out sessions we've been treated to, and the message is clear: Kylie is 18 now, so here is gratuitous PDA, suckers.

Like the time they made out on Tyga's balcony...

And then that other time that they made out on Tyga's balcony like 30 seconds later...

And then, when they kissed in different outfits after that, but also on the balcony...

I'll give them this: Kylie and Tyga make a gorgeous couple, and if they're happy, who am I to judge? But, um, I could do with less making out — especially since Kylie's obviously a talented lady and there's much more to her than Being Tyga's Girlfriend. Put her in the video, sure, but I would have loved to have seen her have a real role.

Besides, having watched Keeping Up With The Kardashiansenough to feel like I'm actually part of this family, Kylie will always be 12 years old to me and I feel very maternal toward her. Get off my honorary little sister, Tyga!

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