How To Pull Off A Turtleneck 9 Completely Different Ways This Fall

I'm not going to lie, knowing how to pull off a turtleneck without looking like a matronly grandma or reincarnation of your five-year-old self isn't the easiest thing in the world. That said, do not let the slight trickiness of making this shirt style work put you off from rocking it! Thanks to the world of Instagram, knowing how to pull off a turtleneck has never been easier.

After getting through toddler-hood and gradually making my own wardrobe choices, I remember never reaching for turtlenecks. In my book, they were itchy, bulky, and just straight uncomfortable. Luckily, I grew up (well, at least got older), and gave turtlenecks a second chance.

In case you haven't noticed, turtlenecks are back this season in full-swing. If you've yet to give them another try since some emotionally scarring childhood wardrobe moment, I'd urge you to at least wear one!

Whether you opt for a sleek little turtleneck or thick sweater-style, prepare to fall in love. The looks below all prove turtlenecks have come a long way since you were seven, I promise! And if you need even more inspiration, try watching Friends because at least one character wears a turtleneck in every single episode. #SayWhat

Here are 9 fun and fashionable ways to wear a turtleneck this fall.

1. Layered With Denim

Popping a denim jacket over your turtleneck creates a fun visual contrast and a little bit of edge.

2. Retro '90s Mom Vibe

If you're all '90s nostalgia, nothing better than a chunky turtleneck and light wash jeans!

3. All Laced Up

Mix up a Victorian-esque lace turtleneck with a biker jacket for the perfect chic punk look.

4. Structured Flow

Pair a fitted turtleneck with a baggy cardigan and tailored linen trousers for an elegant fall outfit.

5. Thick-Knit Monochrome

For the ultimate cozy snow bunny look, layer a giant white turtleneck sweater over a white skirt.

6. Distressed Denim Goddess

Before it gets too cold, rock a pair of super-distressed denim jeans with a short sleeve turtleneck for a cute dinner date look.

7. Parisian Chic

For the perfect balance for a turtleneck crop, reach for a dramatic floor-length skirt and finish the look with a sleek top knot.

8. Peplum Pretty

Got a bold turtleneck with an untraditional cut like peplum? Rock your favorite subdued skinny jeans with it to focus all style attention on how cool your top is.

9. Pattern Extravaganza

There's something so freeing and fun about pairing fierce patterns together. Printed turtlenecks let you indulge in childlike-fun while still looking like an adult.