'Psych: the Musical', '30 Rock', 'How I Met Your Mother' & Other Great Songs in TV Shows

Psych, the show about a fake psychic detective, is debuting its musical episode tonight at 9:00pm on USA. Series creator Steve Franks said this episode was years in the making. "We talked about it for so long––from the pilot, even!" he told The Hollywood Reporter. But while a musical plot may be new to Psych, it's not new to television. Many shows have delved into the world of featuring original songs, always to the delight of their fans. We've collected some of the best ones from over the television years.

"Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit" - How I Met Your Mother

This show is a big fan of the musical number. So much so that it even came out with a soundtrack. In the interest of saving space, I've just picked one song to showcase. You may be mad that I've glossed over the Robin Sparkles' numbers, and while those are great (I've always wanted a mall theme song), there's nothing quite like a spectacular Neil Patrick Harris song and dance number. I mean, that's the whole reason people tune in to watch him host awards shows, right?


"Muffin Top" - 30 Rock

How can you not love a song that embraces muffin tops? And no, not the baked good.


"Lollipops and Gummy Bears" - Full House

Baby Michelle was so adorable, and even sweeter was this song she sang with Candace Cameron Bure's character. The best part is how patient Bure is with the young Olsen twin.

xanoe on YouTube

"Harmony" - Sabrina the Teenage Witch

I loved this show as a kid and this is one of my most memorable episodes. I think because this was one of my first forays into the magical world that is blending music and television. Skip to 8:30 in the video below to join in my childhood nostalgia.


"Smelly Cat" - Friends

Undoubtedly one of the best running jokes in Friends were Phoebe's songs and their always-sure-to-be-surprising lyrics.


"Soft Kitty" - The Big Bang Theory

Penny and Sheldon's relationship is one of the highlights of this show, and this tender moment is no exception.

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"Diwali Song" - The Office

Based off Adam Sandler's infamous "Hanukkah Song," vintage Michael Scott's rendition for the Indian holiday Diwali is so entertaining.

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"My Headband" - Glee

Okay, it's kind of cheating because Glee is a show about singing, but this little ditty about Rachel's headband is so ridiculous that it's actually a masterpiece.

Finn: Hold on, is this song about your headband?

Rachel: Yes, it’s called "My Headband".

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Image: CBS