James Franco's Instagram Suggests He May Have Been Drugged, & is Our Favorite to Follow

James Franco is an actor, he's an artist, he's an academic. He's a talented, interesting dude. He's also a damn Internet enigma. This is true wherever he goes on the world wide web (do we still call it that?) but never so evident as on James Franco's instagram. Franco recently posted a video of himself, half-naked and with drowsy eyes, in which he says "Got drugged last night. Somebody slipped me something. In bed." It's now hit the news cycle, and for us it's brought up a pretty wide variety of questions we have for Mr. Franco and his instagram presence.

1. Were you really drugged, James Franco?

It happens. So we're really hoping that Franco was not actually the victim of a drugged drink. After watching his video a dozen times we're pretty sure he wasn't. But still. In fact, the phrasing of that video actually brings up this next question:

2. Was this video a reference to sex?

We're assuming it was a reference to sex. If you'll think back to that Roast of James Franco that Comedy Central did, a solid 60% of the jokes his friends and co-workers made that night in some way related back to the possibility of James Franco being a raging homosexual, or at the very least someone who enjoys getting it down with dudes. Aziz Ansari addressed the issue best by brushing it off as ridiculous, but Franco's "someone slipped me something last night. In bed." does open up a certain image to the public.Really, we don't care if James Franco is gay or not. We just really want to know what he dreams about at night*; It might be the only way to really understand him as a human.*Yes I am aware of how creepy that sentence sounds. It's still not as creepy as James Franco himself.

3. Were These Batman Instagrams As Gay Porn-Y To Everyone Else As They Were To Me? (Possibly NSFW)


UM. Is that what I think it is on that helmet, Franco? Also...why?

4. What is the story behind this picture?

We hope it's literally just "I felt like it." We hope that's his entire life philosophy.

5. Why do things like this happen?

Or rather, why don't they happen every day?We may never know the inner truths of James Franco or why he does what he does. But at least it'll be a fun (and freaky) ride every step of the way.

Images: James Franco/Instagram