What Movies Are Leaving Netflix In September? It's Time To Marathon These Classics

Happy Monday, y'all: or is it? Because it's the last day of August, which means a ton of titles are leaving Netflix on the morrow and in the month to come. And, if you saw the list and noticed that it seems like many, many more titles are on this list than usual, well, you're not wrong, pal. Netflix wrote in a blog post that they have woefully ended their deal with the cable service Epix, who has gone over to Hulu. Stating that they want to move away from more traditional streaming and more into original content, Netflix has thus given us a list of films and television series that will disappear once the Netflix-Epix deal has lapsed, a list that includes such great films as School Of Rock and World War Z.

So put some of your more flaky relationships on hold, because there are a lot of good titles you won't have access to after September comes and goes, and we all know how fast time slips us by. You'll want to check out the whole list, but here are some of the best movies that you'll sadly no longer be able to stream once September begins.

Jackie Brown (September 1)

All hail Pam Grier in one of Tarantino's more underrated movies.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (September 1)

Still mind-blowing after all these years. Chow Yun-fat seems superhuman.

School Of Rock (September 1)

The magnifcent film in which Jack Black schooled us all, leaving that most lasting lesson: you're not hardcore unless you live hardcore. Up there with the Before Sunrise series as Richard Linklater's best, in my personal opinion.

Sleepless In Seattle (September 1)

"It's nice to meet you," I blubber through tears as I mourn a young Meg Ryan.

Total Recall (September 1)

Re-watch if only to remind yourself how unnecessary the Colin Farrell reboot was.

High Fidelity (September 13)

Fifteen years later, it's still a mystery: which came first, the music or the misery?

Star Trek: Into Darkness (September 30)

So many beautiful people, and beautiful lens flares, and a very sinister Benedict Cumberbatch as Kahn.

The Skeleton Twins (September 30)

Wow, DO NOT WATCH if you're feeling tender about your family and your life and your failures, but do watch if you want to see poignant performances by Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader as two long-estranged twins that reunite after dark, dark times in both of their lives.

The Wolf Of Wall Street (September 30)

If you haven't seen this three-hour extravaganza that will totally turn you off to capitalism forever, you better get started. DiCaprio is pretty great in this film that probably has the least amount of violence of any Scorsese work, but the most of everything else: drugs, sex, glamour, despair, and Jonah Hill's fake teeth.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (September 30)

The best of The Hunger Games film series so far. Fight me.

Saved! (September 30)

I cannot stress how phenomenal this movie is. You down with G-O-D? Mandy Moore is, as a b*tchy, popular Bible-hugger.

Happy (frantic) watching — you don't want to miss these titles on Netflix.

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