5 Essential Questions To Ask Your Tattoo Artist, Because Getting Inked Is A Serious Commitment

So you've finally decided to get a tattoo. After figuring out what you want and where you want it, don't forget the essential questions to ask your tattoo artist! Any professional tattoo artist worth going to will be able to answer them all (or at least direct you to someone else who can!).

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Remember, it's your tattoo at the end of the day, so take charge and ask any question you want! After asking inked family and friends, we all agreed the questions below are a great starting point.

1. "Have You Ever Done 'X' Kind Of Work Before?"

If you're after a micro tattoo and consulting a traditional sailor-style tattoo artist, you might want to look elsewhere.

2. "What Do YOU Like To Work On?"

Similar to the question above, finding an artist that not only knows how to design what you want but is passionate about it is bound to make for a better experience!

3. "How Long Have You Been At 'X' Shop?"

Not that novices aren't super talented, but there's something comforting about knowing your artist has been at it for awhile. Shout out to the long-time artists at Blackbird Tattoo and Gallery in Nashville, TN that did my first tattoo!

4. "Who Are Some Tattoo Artists You're Looking At These Days?"

If you're not 100 percent sure what kind of style or design you want, asking your artist whose designs they're into lately is a great way to bring in more inspiration for your tattoo.

5. "Will This Require More Than One Session?"

Have some giant full-back tattoo in mind? Know what you're getting into upfront and exactly how much time (and lets be real, pain) your dream ink is gonna take!

Image Credit: Nicole Alexandra/Flickr; Blackbird Tattoo and Gallery/Facebook