In case you've been living under a rock or something (or are just in denial) and missed Kanye West's presidential announcement at the 2015 VMA's on Sunday night, let's say it one more time and let it all really sink in. Kanye West is running for president in 2020. Yeezy in the White House means all kinds of ca-razy things, but one of them is seriously on point style. So what better way to show support than with fashion? Well now you can — Kanye for President merchandise is already here, ladies and gents.

We don't even know who's on the ballot in 2016 yet, but we might as well fast forward a few more years because right now people are seriously vibing on 2020. I'm not entirely sure if Kanye's presidential bid was for reals or not, but the internet doesn't seem to care because Yeezy 2020 merchandise has already started popping up on the web. And let me just say — he picked a seriously cool sounding year to run if he does. I would not have put it past him to consider how that would look on merchandise.

If you're less-than-enthused about the 2016 candidates, or just feel like showing some extremely early support, here's the Kanye 2020 merchandise you can rep:

1. The Dramatic Tee

Things suddenly feel really real. (West for President 2020 Tee; $20;

2. Shoutout To His VP

Because Swift would be his obvious running mate. (West/Swift 2020 Tee; $20; ).

3. Buttons

Yeah, Kanye West is running for President. NBD — it's casual. (Kanye West Button Badge; $1.56;

4. In Kanye We Trust

Naturally. (In Kanye We Trust Tee; $32.99;

5. Ball So Hard

Just pour him a drink. (Kanye For President Shirt; $25;

Images: Etsy; Getty Images