Drill Takes Claire & Minx In 'The Whispers' Finale, Ending The Season On A Heartbreaking Note

Finally, after weeks of speculating, The Whispers revealed Drill's motive in its finale. He was not seeking to take over our planet, but instead had been carefully planning to take all its children back to his own. By the time Claire, Sean, and Wes realized that they'd been preparing for the wrong scenario, it was too late and The Whispers ended on a heartbreaking note as countless people disappeared from the planet. Among them were Minx and Claire, who disappeared right before their family's eyes in the ominous setting of a dark, wooded area. Wes couldn't get to Minx in time and he watched helplessly as his daughter was taken. Claire was able to sacrifice herself for Henry by pushing him out of the way just in time, but it was equally heartbreaking as her husband and son watched her disappear without a chance to say goodbye.

Although Claire and Minx were the only main characters we saw disappear, it was made clear they were far from the only people who were taken by Drill. News broadcasts showed that similar disappearances had occurred all over the world — and we were left to assume that the victims were children, because the only way Henry escaped Drill was through Claire's sacrifice. The map that Wes had taken from the compound showed countless marks all over it — each symbolized where various children were headed in order for Drill to take them back to his planet. Based on what we saw in the woods, the disappearances were planned to take place simultaneously so that no warning could be given to anyone else.

Although I didn't anticipate a happy ending for any of these characters, this was truly heartbreaking — especially since it's looking like Season 2 of The Whispers won't happen. Wes arguably had the most tragic ending because he has now lost his entire family — and he has to live with the guilt of what he put Lena through when he was unfaithful to her. Claire's ending was equally emotional, but at least she left the planet a hero and was able to save the person most precious to her.

Image: ABC