The Emotional Stages Of Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Believe me, I know exactly what it's like to go through the stages of trying to get the perfect winged eyeliner. From the highs and lows, to the cries and tears, I've been through it all. OK fine, maybe I'm being a little dramatic, but trust, it is a truly beautiful moment when you've learned the ability to put on perfect winged eyeliner.

Even though I've wanted to throw in the towel (literally) when applying this makeup technique, I've got to admit, it was all a very necessary learning experience. How else would I be able to now confidently get my winged eyeliner on point every day? It's called trial and error, people. Nothing comes easy, especially not winged eyeliner.

Let me explain: I started applying winged eyeliner my third year of college and haven't stopped since. Before then, I probably used liquid eyeliner once a year and really had no idea what I was doing with it. But when my roommate introduced me to winged eyeliner (aka cat eyes), I immediately became obsessed. My life changed for the better. Yes, it's that emotional, people.

I'll admit it, however — my first attempts were not at all pretty. Smeared eyes, black liquid all up in my contacts, tissues everywhere...I was a serious mess. If you would've seen me during that dark period in my life, you'd understand and see how real the struggle was.

In the end, going through each emotion not only made me a more confident winged eyeliner enthusiast, but a more patient person in general. I cannot stress how much patience you need for this beauty technique.

If you're deciding to transition from simple lined eyeliner to a more complicated and advanced winged eyeliner, here are the nine emotional stages you might want to prepare yourself with first. Oh, and if you're a winged eyeliner expert already, you'll completely understand all of these emotional states.

1. Anxiety

Yes, everyone. Anxiety will probably be your first feeling when applying winged eyeliner. It was for me, at least. The question of, "Is it even going to look good?" or "I have no idea what I'm doing" were definitely on my mind the first time. I mean, it's definitely a commitment. You either go hard or go home. But don't worry, it will all be OK. It's not permanent, folks!

2. Determination

Alright, so if you're determined enough to get through that anxious state, it probably means that you've made the decision to give this winged eyeliner thing a shot. You'll probably reach a whole new level of determination...with makeup wipes in one hand and tissues in the other.

3. Frustration

All I can say is that frustration takes on a whole different meaning when trying to get the perfect eyeliner. If you're fairly new at the eyeliner game, this might become a real obstacle for you. Just remember to not give up. DON'T. I repeat do not give up. Just put those makeup wipes to use, erase your mistakes, and start again. You can do it.

4. Self-doubt

After feeling like maybe your ability to get perfect eyeliner is forever impossible, the self-doubt might get to you. Just like any painter, your makeup is a work of art. You are control of the beauty product. YOU ARE CAPABLE OF PERFECT WINGED EYELINER.

5. Relief

Next up is relief. This is probably one of my favorite feelings after getting that first eye down. Suddenly, you feel confident enough to repeat the process on your other eye. The amount of relief is truly a great feeling.

6. Pressure

After getting that first eye to reach perfect winged eyeliner status, I always feel immense pressure to match the other eye as closely as possible. All you winged eyeliner lovers out there, old and new, you definitely know what I'm talking about. Don't let the pressure psyche you out — matching wings can definitely be accomplished!

7. Excitement

OK, you're almost there. You've got the wing down and all that's left is to perfect the inner corners or your eye. The overwhelming excitement may be too much to handle, but don't shake.

8. Confidence

From here, it's all about believing in yourself. You're almost done with both eyes, and you can just feel your inner-confidence beaming. Psh, winged eyeliner? So easy. You got this!

9. Indescribable Joy

Alas, you've accomplished the perfect eyeliner! In the end, through all the worries and doubt, nothing amounts to how incredibly happy you are when you finally get that perfect eyeliner. And because of this, the entire process, all 9 stages, is entirely worth it.

So move forward, all you beauty aficionados out there. May your wings forever be on fleek.

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