Gaby & Jaja Are Frontrunners On 'So You Think You Can Dance,' But Who Will Become America's Favorite Dancer?

The people have spoken, and now we know who will be the Top 4 contestants competing to be America's Favorite Dancer on So You Think You Can Dance Season 12, Stage vs. Street. It's been a strange season so far with this new format, but I actually believe it's been a decent success as we've seen some amazing performances and dancers really shine on both teams. Hailee, Virgil, Jaja and Gaby will compete in next Monday night's finale and while every single of those dancers deserves the spotlight and the title, two dancers have stood out time and time again on the show. In my opinion, Jaja and Gaby are the SYTYCD frontrunners, but who will take home the crown? It's anyone's game but it could come down to whether America wants to see a street dancer with the crown or a stage dancer.

I'm going to just come out with my official prediction: I think Gaby is the more versatile and overall talented dancer but I think Jaja will take home the title. Now just to be clear, I'm not saying that Jaja is not talented and not versatile. I'm also not saying that she doesn't deserve title, but there are a lot of factors that play into being "America's Favorite Dancer." It's not all about technique, it's not all about having the best dances on the show. It's about that at least a little, but it's also about heart. Let's look back on some of the past winners for proof, shall we?

In the past, we've seen people like Benji Schwimmer win the Season 2 title on SYTYCD over brilliant technicians like Travis Wall who has now gone on to being one of the greatest choreographers on the series. Why did Benji win over Travis? His personality and heart shined through in every dance and every offstage moment on the series as well. People loved Benji not just because he was a great dancer, but because he was an entertaining dancer and seemed like a great person. Travis Wall didn't really get as much of an opportunity to showcase his personality on the show (or maybe didn't realize just how important it was to do so). Travis' brother Danny Tidwell faced a similar problem, though some (including Nigel) believed him to be a bit cocky as a dancer and couldn't get over that initial perception. He lost the competition to Sabra Johnson who was both an excellent dancer and appealed to people on a personal level as well.

Now Gaby has done quite well for herself on Season 12 when it comes to dancing and heart. She's never been in the bottom three contestants, she's always adorable and had a great story of perseverance to make it to the Top 20 in the first place. But I think people seem to like Jaja better for some reason. Maybe it's because she's a Krumper despite looking like an innocent, young woman. Or maybe it's because her accent makes her endearing. Or perhaps it's because she's a woman street dancer who can hit as hard if not harder than most of the male street dancers that have been on this show. Plus she's grown so much over the course of the competition. Jaja really is the one to beat and Monday night's episode showed that more than ever.

Images: Brooklin Rosenstock/FOX; Whipclip