Emmy Rossum Is Engaged!

by Nicole Pomarico

No matter how good you think your weekend was, Emmy Rossum's was probably better. According to People, Rossum and longtime boyfriend Sam Esmail are engaged after two years of dating! Apparently, it happened while the couple was in Las Vegas over the weekend, aaaand... that's literally all the information People has for us right now. Unfortunately, there also haven't been any clues dropped by Rossum or Esmail on social media, and neither of them have spoken about their engagement to the press just yet. But with any luck, I'm hoping that changes soon. I need details! You know, about the proposal, photos of the ring... all the good stuff. Would a video be too much to ask for?

Rossum and Esmail — the creator of USA's Mr. Robot— have been dating since Esmail directed Rossum in the 2014 movie, Comet. They've been together ever since, and I can't wait 'til they decide to share their excitement about reaching this major milestone (and hopefully, their wedding plans) with the rest of us. It goes without saying that Rossum is going to make an insanely gorgeous bride.

Congrats, you two! If only they'd stop making the rest of us look bad with how adorable they are together.