Shop For Pants By Sensation With Lululemon

Lululemon came on the scene just a short time ago and quickly built up a cult following of exercise enthusiasts, in turn totally changing the workout wear game. Now, the beloved brand is transforming athletic wear yet again — Lululemon is revamping their yoga pants according to sensation. Yes, you read that correctly, you can now shop for leggings based on how they feel, rather than purely based on style. How cool is that?!

With the recent popularity of the athleisure trend, aka stylish sports gear, people are wearing their stretchy pants everywhere from the gym to the streets. The Canadian retailer is now living up to the comfort-meets-style demands of the public.

Lululemon's newly designed pant wall will be categorized according to five unique sensations: Relaxed, Naked, Hugged, Held-In, and Tight. The engineered sensation focus combines sports psychology and compression science to craft the best-feeling pants for all our activewear needs.

According to Refinery 29, the Naked feel is particularly special, made of "lightweight, buttery-soft Nulu fabric," an advanced material that reportedly feels like a second skin.

Antonia Iamartino, Lululemon's design director of future concepts, tells Business Insider, “What it gives to our guest is ultimately choice and the ability to choose a way that they want to feel in a given activity." I guess yoga fiends may choose the Held-In or Hugged feel, while Zumba addicts might opt for a more Relaxed style.

The new feel-first approach aims to change the way we shop for activewear, and I'm totally digging it.

So many options, so little time.

The new sensations pant wall launched in stores and online Tuesday.

Images: Courtesy Lululemon (2)