The Top 20 Hillary Clinton Email Subject Lines Ranked From Kinda Funny To How Could You Not Click That?!

In the latest episode of Hillary Clinton's email saga, the State Department released 4,368 new declassified emails, the biggest batch to date. The 7,000-plus pages' worth of emails touch on everything from the utterly banal to major foreign policy conundrums. They include messages that are nothing but brief logistical replies along with unapologetically blunt, scathing critiques of various things. But perhaps the most fascinating aspect of the emails is not the content within them. Hillary Clinton's emails feature some hilarious subject lines. They are equally vast in range, but some are more intriguing than others and practically beg to be opened.

In her effort to prove that she has nothing to hide, Clinton has turned over the private email server she used during her time as Secretary of State to the State Department for investigation. As the department had pored over the tens of thousands of emails, it has been releasing them in batches to the public in the interest of full transparency. So far, we've learned some fascinating things about the 2016 presidential hopeful — like the fact that she likes iced tea, apples, and Cinco de Mayo — in various wonderfully mundane emails.

And while many of the emails themselves are already pure entertainment, some of their subject lines are even more amusing; especially when they're painfully vague yet intensely intriguing. Here are the top 20 subject lines from Hillary's latest batch of emails.

20. Re: Just leaving the pool and seeing your mssges — can you talk at 430pm?

Of course Hillary and her staff answer emails by the pool like the boss ladies they are.

19. RE: If Facebook existed in the old days ...

Reminiscing about those pre-social-media days.

18. Did you get home in the blizzard?

Hillary may be boss, but she's a boss who cares.

17. Fw: Baby

This subject line really cuts to the chase — none of that "Introducing our little bundle of joy!" nonsense.

16. Miss You

It's sweet to see Hillary's more personal exchanges, like this one with Lynn Forester de Rothschild.

15. H: Yes, there is a vast right wing conspiracy. Sid

There goes Sid again.

14. Re: looking good

Any subject line that hints at a Hillary photo is enticing. And Hillary's response is just endearing.

13. Round table in my outer office

Sometimes the best subject lines are the most mundane.

12. Pls tell Joe I left the book w Chris in the sit room.

Sometimes Hillary uses the subject line to pass even more mundane messages.

11. FW: Can the Dude Abide? (not that I like her...)

Sure, the subject line refers to a NYT piece, but just picturing Hillary picturing The Dude makes me smile. The emailer also takes a swipe at Maureen Dowd.

10. Yeah!

Love the simplicity and ambiguity (and excitement) of this subject line.

9. Nuns. Health. Care

How could you not open an email with this subject line?

8. she is simply a rock star

They're most likely talking about Hillz.

7. Don't laugh!!

After admiring the rugs in a room during a meeting in China with Obama, Clinton asked a colleague to ask her contact in China to send photos of them.

6. Do you have the yellow folder ?

Love how this could be the subject of an email in literally every single office in the world.


Senior adviser Philippe Reines forwarded Hillary a Larry King interview with Michelle Obama, in which she comments on Clinton's run against her husband, Barack Obama.

4. Kristy isn't here yet — is she coming?

Where is Kristy???!

3. Hi Sis. My name is Roy Spence and I love you and

He may be an advertising guru who has helped Hillary with branding her past campaign, but his subject line totally sounds like spam.

2. FW: Putin Tags Polar Bear in Arctic

That sounds like something Putin would do.

1. Gefilte fish

Perhaps the most hilariously vague subject line and email in State Department history.