Kylie Jenner Has A New Piercing

Ending August on a sharp (and what I can only assume to be a little painful) note, Kylie Jenner got an new piercing Monday. She documented the experience for her adoring fans via Snapchat. Within the past week, the youngest Jenner has debuted a delicate (allegedly real) heart tattoo on her arm, sported blunt bangs, wore a buzz-worthy bandage-style dress, bared a makeup-free face for her Insta followers, and is now rocking a bar piercing. This girl’s either taking things off her bucket list or making a case for a spinoff show titled Keeping Up with Kylie.

When I turned 18, my mom bought me scratch-offs and I dyed my hair black. Being considered “legal” didn’t really mean anything spectacular. I still couldn’t order alcohol, and it wasn’t like I had never watched an R-rated movie in theaters. But I guess that when you’re a Kardashian, becoming legal is a bit different than it is in the middle of New Jersey, living under your parents roof.

Envious as I may be of her almost limitless life, my favorite part of Jenner's transformation has been her no-makeup Monday selfie. A significant aspect of becoming a woman is fully accepting your natural self, and I strongly believe that this young woman is blooming into one confident individual.

So what's next for the youngest Jenner? I guess we'll just have to wait to find out. It looks like her ear's pretty full, but there is plenty of body to pierce, right? Check out Jenner's latest acts of adulthood, and I'll let your imagination wander to what's in store for her next.

The Alleged Tattoo

My mother would have annihilated me if I came home with ink, but Jenner's red heart is delicate and romantic (not to mention tiny enough to hide if Momager disapproves).

The Blue Hair

Obviously a wig, but Jenner's signature hair dye is blue, after all. I wouldn't have been surprised if this had been her latest look. Sort of wishing it was, tbh.

The Bangs

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

To get the bangs or not to get the bangs, that is the question. But every time I see Jenner rocking the cut, I'm swayed toward the former.

The Makeup-Free Face

We all know she's gorgeous with or without makeup, but it is a rarity to catch any Kardashian-Jenner sans cosmetic enhancement.