15 Times Isabel Hendrix Slayed Fashion "Don't"s

by Jodie Layne

If you don't know (or love) plus size model Isabel Hendrix already, then get ready to fall into deep adoration with your new wardrobe crush and girl power hero. Amongst the body positive crowd, Hendrix certainly stands out for her signature style, which embraces color, chaos, and total fun. But she's more than just her eye-catching rainbow garments and colorful locks.

Hendrix has modeled for indie lingerie brand Alexandrea Anissa, vintage shop Tunnel Vision, and indie plus size magazine Skorch. This babe on the rise is also known for her "grrrl power" blogging and for being a self love evangelist. "Young women are told from an early age that no matter what they look like they are in someway wrong. I use my blog and Internet presence as a way to help promote creativity as a form of self love," Hendrix wrote on her blog's about page.

The self-described fashion weirdo wants to help the world become a more loving, equal, accepting place and has said that that she does so by creating positive energy on the Internet. "I want to make people feel better about themselves," she told Golden Boy Press.

Whether you see a little bit of your alternative self in Hendix, are itching for the courage to take a sartorial risk, or just want to get delighted by all the bright colors, Isabel Hendrix's style is definitely your go-to feel good destination. Here are just 15 times she broke these so-called fashion rules — and looked amazing doing it.

1. "Less Is More"

Isabel Hendrix knows that more is more, obviously.

2. "Take One Thing Off Before You Leave The House"

Nope, pretty sure you should just wear all the accessories.

3. "Don't Wear Pigtails Unless You're Under 12"

Why would you stop wearing something that makes you look so cute, though?

4. "Show The Smallest Part Of Your Leg For A 'Slimming' Effect"

Screw your fashion rules and wear whatever pants, shoes, or socks you want.

5. "Don't Be Too Matchy Matchy"

Uh, rainbow on rainbow is the best combination.

6. "Pick One Body Part To Show Off At A Time"

You can show as much (or as little) of your rad body as you want to.

7. "Don't Mix Prints"

Why wouldn't you want to look like a manic pixie flower garden?

8. "Make Sure Nobody Can See Your Underwear"

I'd like to amend this "rule" to, "Make sure everyone can see all of your underwear."

9. "Pick Shoes You Can Still Walk In"

OK, I actually do find this to be a helpful guideline, but when your shoes look this good you gotta show 'em off.

10. "Don't Wear High Heels If You're Tall"

Hendrix proves that nothing should be off limits because of your height or size in general.

11. "Don't Wear Mini Dresses If Your Legs Are Thicker"

Take one look at Hendrix in this velvet, black, mini dream dress and tell me you still believe in that rule.

12. "Pair A Single Statement Piece With Neutral Basics"

Everything you wear should make a statement, guys.

13. "Balance Proportions"

Tight on tight just seems so right, though.

14. "Your Shorts Should Reach Past Your Fingertips"

Yeah, that rule's a no from me.

15. "Monochrome Black Is Boring: Use A Bright Accessory To Liven It Up"

I'm pretty sure this look is anything but boring.

Whether you prefer a more subdued style or dress like Rainbow Brite and Jimi Hendrix's love child, you can't deny one thing: Isabel Hendrix has style to make you smile for days.

Images: @isabel_hendrix/Instagram