What's Lynne Curtin Been Up To Since 'RHOC'?

by Marenah Dobin

I will always have a soft spot for former Real Housewives of Orange County star Lynne Curtin. She was always extremely endearing with her positive attitude even though she constantly faced some pretty tough obstacles. She stopped being a full-time Housewife after Season 5, and with the show now on Season 10, I can't help but wonder what she's up to these days. I am very curious about how her life has changed since receiving an eviction notice, being blatantly disrespected by her rebellious children, and going in for mother/daughter plastic surgery on reality TV.

I still have no idea why she didn't continue on RHOC, because she always provided great moments and was a very likable, but since Lynne is no longer gracing my television screen and is not very active on social media, I do not get to see the ins and outs of her life any longer. How's her love life going? Is she getting along better with her two daughters? Is she still selling those adorned wrist cuff she was hocking on the show? There is no way that she got boring all of a sudden. Here's what she's been up to.

She Is Single

We saw Lynne and Frank Curtin endure financial stress in their relationship on the show, but it really looked like there was a lot of love between them. But it turns out Lynne filed for divorce in 2012 citing "irreconcilable differences." Frank did not seem to be on the same page. He spoke to the Orange County Register , saying, "I’m not a willing participant in this. It hurts to even think about it or talk about it. Call me old-fashioned, but I take my vows very seriously.”

She Is Now A Grandmother

Lynne is now a grandmother to her daughter Raquel's son Carter. There isn't a lot of other information available about how old Carter is or his father's identity, but I'm sure that the baby is receiving a lot of love and support from his grandmother.

She Keeps In Touch With Tamra Judge

We saw Lynne in the Season 10 premiere at a baby shower for Tamra's first granddaughter, so I guess it is safe to assume that they are close friends. Lynne revealed a lot including how she considers herself to be "re-virginized" because she hasn't gotten it in a "long time." These are the kind of gems that we need back on RHOC. Bring back Lynne!

There's Still Some Tension With Her Daughters

Watching RHOC, I was really pulling for Lynne's relationship with her daughters, Raquel and Alexa, to improve, but it still sounds like there's some tension. Alexa is a porn star who goes by the name Jayden Taylors, and Raquel is a Suicide Girl, which is described on the company's website as "an adult lifestyle brand that redefines beauty with our unique pin up girls and active, smart online community.” She goes by the moniker Suttin Suicide. Lynne commented on Alexa's career path to the National Enquirer in May 2014, saying, "She thought she could make a few movies under an assumed name, get her nose and boobs redone, and nobody would ever recognize her. She's wrong." I'm sure Lynne has a lot of conflicting emotions about this, and I just hope that she and her daughters are in a good place.

She Still Sells Wrist Cuffs!

If you remember anything about Lynn's time on RHOC aside from her family drama, it is definitely her wrist cuffs. And yes, she is still selling them! She actually has her own business called Lynne Curtin Designs, which also includes bracelets and dog jewelry.

I have so much love for Lynne. She is the kind of person you cannot help but root for. It would definitely be a great comeback story to watch her on TV once again. (Hint hint Bravo casting directors.)

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