Nikki & Ian's Wedding Pics Are Gorgeous

It's been about five months since the happy and beautiful couple that is Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed got married. And fiinally, fans are getting an official inside look at their special day and the pictures couldn't be more gorgeous. On Monday, Brides magazine released photos from Somerhalder and Reed's wedding day. Not only do the images prove they had the most perfect day, but they'll make you fall in love with this couple all over again. Seriously, they are so in love and it's beautiful.

In April, reports and photos surfaced of their wedding, but the two have remained quite mum about their nuptials. Now, Reed is opening up about her big day. Did you know it was a complete surprise? Yeah, they totally pulled a Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. Per Reed, their guests thought they were attending a housewarming party, but were soon taken to a secret ceremony in Topanga Canyon. The Twilight actress said, "We didn't want our loved ones to show up with any expectations or squeezed into formal attire." She added, "It really was all about the food, the dancing, and the love."

Well, I think they definitely accomplished just that, which is absolutely proven in these pics:

Can you say stunning? There's no doubt their wedding day will always remain memorable.