5 Ways To Fall Back In Love With Your Wardrobe

We all have the days when we glance at our closets and end up frustrated, totally sure that we have nothing at all to wear. Figuring out how to love your clothes when you feel like you hate everything you own is always a bummer, but don't panic just yet — there's a way to turn it all around. Maybe when you look at your wardrobe, all you can see is over-remixed sweaters and dated prints, but in reality, there's actually a wealth of untapped possibilities if you try a few tips and tricks.

When things begin to feel stagnant in the clothes department, we have a habit of getting restless and wanting to bolt. We end up hating what we used to love and want a complete overhaul. But before taking such a giant step in the opposite direction, why don't you look at your closet a bit more critically and creatively and see where you end up. According to WhoWhatWear, designer Michael Kors said that, "70 percent of the clothes you own should be meat and potatoes. 30 percent should be icing and fluff — that's color, pattern, shine, and accessories. Too many women get the proportions the other way round, then can't figure out why they can't get dressed."

If you're in a clothes rut, like we all have been at one time or another, the only way to get out of it is to stop what you're doing, take stock of your closet, and go in the completely opposite direction. Not entirely sure how to get that fresh perspective? Here are five ways to fall back in love when you're hating your wardrobe.

1. Mix Pieces Together Unexpectedly

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The key to this tip is to make sure to focus on the unexpected part as much as possible. Pair special occasion skirts with sneakers, boyfriend jeans with sparkly clutches, or opulent shirts underneath overalls. Some of this will work for your taste and some might not, but the important thing is that when you're doing this exercise, you'll be opening your mind to out-of-box ideas you might not have felt comfortable considering before.

My "aha" moment happened when I let myself try on the silk, champagne-colored evening dress that was hanging in the back of my closet — the one that was usually reserved for wedding receptions of Great Gatsby proportions — with a chunky, cozy knit. I nearly had to hold onto the wall because I loved the outcome so much. The kicker was that I knew I would never thought of the idea naturally on a Tuesday morning while getting ready for work. After that I got curious what else I could pair together. I felt like I was shopping in my closet, and it was glorious.

2. Reorganize Your Closet In A Different Way

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Sometimes it's not so much the pieces that are stagnant, but the way that you reach for them. If you have an organized closet, chances are you already know where to go when getting dressed. Your favorite tops are to the left, the skirts that get the most attention are to the right and up one row, and so on and so forth. The outfits aren't the only things stuck in a routine — so is the route your eyes take when you open your closet. So how do you solve that?

Take everything out of your wardrobe and put it all back in a different order. According to Samantha Hannah of style blog SAMIE, "You may find the simple act of laying garments on the bed makes you see them differently." Maybe instead of organizing it by color, organize it by purpose (like work, cocktails, dates, casual afternoons) so that way it'll be easier to contrast unexpected pieces against each other. By having your clothes arranged in an unintuitive way, you'll begin to see new possibilities you would have overlooked.

3. Try The 30-Day Challenge

Sometimes we're spoiled by our choices and end up reaching for the same five staples because we don't want to bother switching things up. Chances are you have more than 20 pieces in your closet, which means you can make a crazy amount of outfit combinations if only you tried. To help you flex those remixing muscles, try the 30-Day Challenge — you choose around 20 different pieces and remix them and them only for 30 days. According to Jessica Coffin, fashion writer at The EveryGirl, "For this challenge, we want you to fall in love with your closet all over again; let’s mix and match classic staples with our old flames. We’ll spend 30 days shopping free — our closets are deeper than we think and we need to flex our left brain by getting creative!"

Often enough an overabundance of choice is what makes us cramp up and stick to a smaller selection, unwittingly making us fall into a rut. By doing the 30-Day Challenge, you force yourself to pare down the selection and then think of creative ways to style them out of necessity. You could be surprised what you're capable of coming up with once you're forced to.

4. Pin Things You Already Own

Pinterest is an easy place to snowball. One moment you're looking for new ways to style a cardigan, and the next you have your whole wedding planned. It can get dicey over there.

To stay on track, go in with one important rule in mind: You're allowed to start a board with pins that contain clothes you already own, and only clothes you own. So if you don't have a chambray shirt, there won't be any outfits with chambray in there — and so on and so forth. You're not trying to build a fictitious closet, you're trying to find inspiration on how to work the one you have.

Seek out looks that have your staples and study interesting new ways women have styled them. My favorite find was a photo of a blogger wearing cream-colored pants and a matching sweater with a mint belt roping through the waist. I had all those pieces hanging in my closet and never even considered combining them together. I was both floored and a little miffed I didn't have the foresight.

Look for specific details and take notes — actually write down descriptions in the text box what you liked about the pin. Your board can turn into your textbook if you're committed enough!

5. Try Mixing It With A New Trend


Other times all you have to do to make a piece feel new again is to pair it with an unexpected trend. Contrasts look interesting and forward-thinking when it comes to fashion, so mixing two worlds together can go very far in making an old item feel new again. For example, pair a vintage dress with clunky orthopedic-like sandals to shock it out of its sweet nature. Pair something culottes with gladiator sandals for an interesting play on proportions. Break your items out of their pigeonholed categories and let them play with other sections of your closet. Some of it won't work and look crazy... but some of it will.

Everyone has days when they seem to hate every item of clothing they own — days when nothing seems to work quite right. But sometimes making your wardrobe work is as simple as forcing yourself out of your comfort zone. Even if it's not the easiest task sometimes, it's so worth it when you walk out the door with a killer outfit.

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