Is 'Transporter: Refueled' The Start Of A New Trilogy? The Movie Marks A Fresh Start For The Fast-Driving Franchise

In 2002 Jason Statham broke through obscurity and into the Hollywood mainstream as Frank Martin in The Transporter. He was a dapper man that transported goods — human or otherwise — to clients (hence the name of the movie). Soon, Statham would go on to play the dapper and deadly Frank Martin in two more Transporter movies from French action director Luc Besson to make it an unofficial trilogy. But now, it seems like Statham has retired his driving gloves and actor Ed Skrein is now in the driver's seat in The Transporter: Refueled. There hasn't been seen a Transporter movie since 2008, but considering there's a new Frank Martin, it is confirmed that The Transporter Refueled starts a new trilogy for the fast-driving franchise. I mean, the word "refueled" seems to indicate that that the movie would be a new start, right?

This trilogy could do for Skrein what it did for Statham: make him a bonafide across-the-pond action star. He's charming, handsome and from the looks of the trailer, it seems like he has the chops to be the badass Frank Martin is supposed to be. Even so, Skrein has some big shoes to fill. I mean, Statham isn't just an ordinary actor — he's Jason freakin' Statham. Skrein, though, is well aware of that.

In an interview with Variety, Skrein admits that he didn't watch any of the Transporter movies until he auditioned. He enjoyed the films once he saw them, however, and tried to contact Statham to get his blessing to play the lethal courier.

"I tried to reach out respectfully, but I couldn’t get through to him,” said Skrein. “I was a fan of his work with [director] Guy Ritchie and he was fantastic in this role, but it was important not to dwell on what he did in shaping the character."

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He may not have received a formal blessing from Statham, but I'm pretty sure that the action star isn't worried. The role is in good hands, but who is this guy that is taking over the role that the original actor made so popular? Here are three things about Ed Skrein that will help you get to know him better.

He Was On Game Of Thrones

Skrein was the original dreamy Daario Naaharis in Game of Thrones before he was replaced by Michael Huisman. He left the show because — well — he was offered the lead in The Transporter Refueled.

He's A Rapper

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He's handsome. He can act. He can fight. And he also raps as "Skrein." Yes ladies and gentlemen, he does it all.

He's In Deadpool

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Next year, fans will see him in the Marvel movie Deadpool where he'll play the villain Ajax to Ryan Reynolds' wisecracking Deadpool.

It looks like Skrein's action star status is just getting started with the Transporter franchise.

Image: Relativity Media