8 Colorful Things Google's New Logo Looks Like That You've Probably Seen Somewhere Before

Heads up, everyone: Google just got a makeover. On Tuesday, the search engine behemoth unveiled a new logo. This comes right on the heels of an announcement by founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin on August 10, in which the two revealed that the company had undergone major corporate restructuring under a new parent company, called Alphabet. Unfortunately, the rebranding wasn't exactly met with 100 percent approval. From critics pontificating on the company's intentions to those suggesting strange things that the new Google logo looked like, everyone seemed to have an opinion.

"I liked that Google was one of the few big companies still to use a serif typeface for its logo," joked alt-J's Gus Unger-Hamilton on Twitter. "Somehow it suggested that it respected us."

Others wondered whether the company had redesigned the logo to match Alphabet in a very literal way.

"Google’s new logo is like alphabet soup IRL," tweeted Mashable's Sam Sheffer. Some joked that the redesign was reminiscent of preschool alphabet stacking blocks or fridge magnets. Whether the subtle (or blatant, depending on which camp you're in) references to the new corporate restructuring were intentional or not, it was a clever move. But preschool blocks, mushy soups, and fridge magnets weren't the only things that people were reminded of. Despite its clean design and the cutesy tilt of the letter E, it sort of feels like we've seen the revamped Google logo somewhere else before.

This Discovery Zone Sign

Well, they're both "quirky," I guess. Maybe Google's design managers have just been spending too much time babysitting other people's children.

The Dread Pirate Comic Sans

No one likes you, Comic Sans. I know that everyone's boss thinks that you scream "fun," but you're essentially the loser of the typeface world. Accept it, learn from it, and maybe one day, you too can subtly morph into the Google logo without anyone noticing.

eBay's Less Aggressive Cousin

Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images

You know how eBay's logo is really in-your-face, trying to compel you to buy that $25 Papa John's gift card for just $20? Google's new logo is like eBay's introverted cousin, who didn't even want to be at this family reunion because it has an economics final to study for before Monday. God!

This Fisher Price Cozy Coupe

The resemblance is uncanny. (To the car, not the kids — although the new Google logo sort of looks like those kids, too, if you squint your eyes really hard.)

Hillary Clinton's New Typeface

John Moore/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Who says you can't use a good font twice?

This Elementary School Sign

See that tiny "attendance" sign in the background? Someone on the Google design team saw it and went, "Yes ... this is perfect." And given the fact that the teachers in the photo were obviously involved in some sort of "Google project," as they clarify in the tweet (just take a look at the date and time stamps), it's probably okay to put money on this being the original inspiration for the new redesign. A lot of money.

The Notorious New Arby's Logo

People hated Arby's inital logo redesign when it first debuted in October 2012, for several reasons. Little Red House design partner Michelle Gamble joked in an interview with Bloomberg that month that "the hat [was trying] too hard to be an app." And plenty of eagle-eyed Twitter users noted that, even with a few slight changes years later, the design still unwittingly evoked a slightly phallic shape. While Google's new logo definitely isn't the Arby's logo, it certainly has that same "false sense of security" feel to it. At this point, they could probably just change their official brand slogan to "Google: We Have The Internets" and everyone would sort of just nod their heads in agreement.

An #NoMakeup Selfie

Sorry, Google, but we're pretty sure you did not #WakeUpLikeThis.

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