21 Hilarious Reactions To Google's New Logo Reveal That Some People Just Cannot Handle Change

On Tuesday, Google unveiled its new logo. It looks almost identical to the old logo, except that it uses a sans serif font instead of a serif font (hasta la vista, little annoying feet on the ends of letters). Despite how little the logo actually changed, people have quickly developed very strong feelings about the update. Some people love it, plenty of people hate it, and others just can't handle this sudden change in their lives. Regardless, they've taken to Twitter — and they've given us some of the funniest reactions to the new Google logo within just a few hours of its go-live.

To be fair, the haters have had to deal with more than their fair share of changes from Google as of late. In August, the company announced the creation of its new holding company, Alphabet. Also in August, Google changed its navigation links for category filters (i.e., web, news, images, etc.) from red to blue. It all seems like an effort to modernize the company and prepare for the future. Unfortunately, it seems like not all of Google's fans are ready to take that leap of faith with it. Hopefully, Google can appreciate the sense of humor that has come out of the logo change.

Love it or hate it, just be real: You're not actually going to start using Bing. So take as much time as you need to process the change, but sans serif Google likely isn't going anywhere.