Did Audrey Help Piper Kill On 'Scream'? Emma's Friend Has A Mysterious Past With The Lakewood Slasher

The end of Season 1 may have arrived, but it's just the beginning on Scream. The Season 1 finale of the hit MTV series revealed that Piper is the Lakewood slasher, but it also gave us a juicy cliffhanger to ponder until the series returns in 2016: Audrey was somehow involved in the killings as evidenced by several letters she received from Piper and the fact that Audrey was in possession of papers about Brandon James that were stolen from the Lakewood County Municipal Building a year before the murders began. So what exactly does this mean for Emma and her friends and how are Audrey and Piper connected? For one, I have a feeling Piper didn't commit all the murders in Lakewood by herself.

If I'm not mistaken, Piper didn't make herself known in the town until after both Nina and Rachel were killed. Plus we know that someone attacked Will and Piper in the abandoned building after Will spoke to Mayor Maddox about blackmailing him with Jake. Clearly Piper had inside help and it's entirely plausible that Audrey attacked both Will and Piper. But does that mean she killed Nina and Rachel as well? We know she threatened Nina thanks to the videotape that Audrey asked Emma to destroy. We also know thanks to Piper (though this might not be trustworthy information) that Audrey had a way of violently manipulating Rachel into doing things for her, so much so that it made Rachel's parents nervous.

But how are the women even connected in the first place? What would have caused Piper to write Audrey letters? And did Audrey shoot Piper to keep her quiet about her own involvement in the murders? One theory of Audrey's involvement is that Audrey and Piper could actually be foster siblings. Perhaps while Piper was going through the foster care system, she met and bonded with Audrey who helped her figure out her true identity. Because Piper was troubled, maybe her foster mother decided to send her back into the system until she turned 18 at which point, Piper left and then began sending Audrey letters, telling her to get closer to Emma. Emma does state that Audrey and she were friends when they were younger and then they drifted apart, perhaps this was why?

Another possible backstory for Audrey is that she became fascinated with the Brandon James story and somehow was contacted by Piper or found Piper herself. The two began to write one another and bonded, and things seemed relatively safe (though weird), until Piper killed Nina and Rachel to send Audrey a message that she was protecting her as a friend on her revenge rampage against Emma. Perhaps at that point Piper blackmailed or forced Audrey to help Piper with the logistics while Piper did the actual killing. It would explain why Audrey was burning the paperwork from the Lakewood Municipal Building and why she shot Piper right as Piper was going to potentially reveal the big twist that Audrey was involved the whole time. She was saving her own skin and hoping to start a new life.

All I know is that no matter how Audrey is involved, it's going to kill both Emma and Noah if/when they find out. Let's hope she's not a crazy second murderer hellbent on following in Piper's footsteps, but we do need to learn their connection as quickly in Season 2 as possible. I'm already overwhelmed with anticipation!

Images: MTV; kylizzlenizzl/Tumblr (2)