When Will 'Mistresses' Return? Season 4 Has A Lot Of Drama-Filled Potential

Summer is gone and that means Season 3 of ABC's Mistresses is coming to a close. And what a season it's been — filled with betrayal, sex (duh), and a little bit of jail time. But when will Mistresses return for Season 4? The network hasn't announced whether or not they'll be renewing the soapy series, but if the drama does come back, you can probably count on it coming back in the summer. Since its premiere in 2013, ABC has traditionally saved the show for summer indulgence viewing.

The Mistresses gal pals have had a lot of ups and downs this season. Savi departed after seeing Joss making out with her ex Harry in Season 2, Calista burst into Joss' life, and Joss went to jail for killing Calista's husband Luca. Crazy stuff, right? Finally, Calista confessed that it was her, not Joss who killed Luca, but don't expect the drama to end there. After all, the Season 3 finale promises some shocking cliffhangers, which will hopefully be resolved in a fourth season. "It would be sad if we didn’t get a Season 4," Macallan told Canada.com. "We’re a show that never really knows. Some shows do know while they’re shooting so they can gear up. We don’t know, so it would be interesting, to say the least, if we left everyone where we’re leaving them. But buckle up."

If Mistresses does come back for Season 4 (and hopefully it will), here's what I'd like to see.

Karen Having Her Baby

Karen, who has been known for having sex with many randoms and threesomes, is pregnant. I think it would be interesting to explore Karen having the baby with Vivan and Alec. It'll be a very modern and complicated family.

Joss & Harry Together (Finally)

After their beach make out, Joss and Harry haven't had much happy time together. Perhaps, in Season 4, they can finally be a couple and not be torn away from each other by pesky things like jail.

Calista Stirring Up More Trouble

Esposito's star fashion designer provided a dose of crazy fun to the show this season and here's hoping she's not in jail for the long haul. But, knowing Calista, she won't be in jail for long.

April Finding A Man She's Passionate About

Things didn't work out between her and Blair — but maybe roommate Marc is the one to light her fire? First, she'll have to get over the fact that his sister is her presumed-dead-ex-husband's own mistress.

More Scandalous Storylines

I mean, duh. This is a show called Mistresses.

Savi's Return?

Millano decided to depart the series when production moved to Vancouver for Season 3 to be with her family in Los Angeles. But what if one day she happened to be in town for a few days to film a little guest appearance? You never know.

Mistresses clearly has plenty of potential for a drama-filled Season 4 — so, let's have it, ABC.

Images: Jack Rowand, Bettina Strauss (4), Bob D’Amico/ABC; Giphy