Here's How To Get Vanessa Hudgens' Boxer Braids

Braids are anything but basic. You can wear 'em tight, loose, or with pieces hanging out to frame your face. You can go single or double, fashion them in a fishtail formation, or wrap 'em around the hairline. There are endless options. Boho chic queen Vanessa Hudgens wore boxer braids, a variation of regular ol' braids that are edgier than the fancy fishtail. Think Rhonda Rousey's signature style.

Hudgens fastened her thick, dark locks into two boxer braids that sat on her shoulders. This 'do let her features stand out, namely those expertly groomed, on-fleek brows of hers. They are thick and full but they are also perfectly groomed. Ups to her makeup artist for keeping dem brows in all sorts of shape.

But what makes this style "boxer?" Well, it's essentially double French braids that are woven together tightly and closely to the scalp. It's the ultimate in glamsual, since it can be worn while exercising or for an outdoor festival or event.

Hudgens has shown a preference for all sorts of braids over the years. She has an enviable head of hair and she is often a hair chameleon who swaps out lengths and shapes on the regular.

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The boxer braids were styled at West Hollywood's 901 Too by Joey Perrotti. The stylist did a inverted braid since Hudgens has dark hair and the inside out braid shows the structure.

The signer and actress shared the look on Instagram and Perrotti has shared his tips via email to Bustle on doing this 'do. Everyone is so generous with sharing the beauty secrets, right?

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BTW, when I think "boxer braids," this image comes to mind.

Want to do Hudgens' boxer braids? You can in five insanely easy steps (accompanied by photos of Hudgens in braids, of course). Let's do this!

1. Split It

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You start by splitting hair down the middle, using a rattail comb. Okay, easy enough.

2. Clip It

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Next, clip one side of hair away. Grab hair at the top of your head on the non-clipped side and divide into three equal sections.

3. Braid It

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Start braiding your hair, but cross the strands under the middle piece instead of over. Continue until there is no hair left.

4. Repeat

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Do the same to the other side.

5. Finish

You can add a volumizing powder to expand and mess things up a little.

It takes some practice... but you'll get there. An added bonus? When you shake the braids out, you have instant bedhead.

Clearly, Hudgens likes to experiment with unique takes on the not-so-basic braid.

Image: Vanessa Hudgens/Instagram (2)