8 Instagram Accounts To Make You A Lingerie Addict

There are few things that will stand between me and purchasing a stunning bralette that I’ve found off someone’s Instagram feed. My name is Kristin Collins Jackson… and I am a lingerie lover. Instead of basking in the lonely abyss by myself, I choose to include everyone by showcasing the best accounts to follow on Instagram for fellow lingerie lovers and lovers in the making. Because whenever I am feeling down, whenever I feel like celebrating, and whenever I just want to feel like I matter in this world, I purchase lingerie regardless of if I can afford it or not.

My love affair with lingerie began a few years ago, when I moved into a new apartment (again), and rediscovered the amount of straight up garbage I owned; garbage that I kept tucked away in a drawer I claimed to be for sleepwear. I was not about to continue on sleeping in bleach stained shirts and old lovers’ boxers, so I decided that I was going to be sexy from sunrise to sundown. My love-affair started off innocently by purchasing cutesy night dresses on sale at T.J. Maxx and quickly spiraled out of control. Within a year, I was buying vintage pieces, handmade sets from across the Atlantic… the thing about lingerie is that there is something for everyone.

From lace to bondage to small breasts to plus-size to nudes for all skin tones… you name it, you can find it on Instagram. So please, feel pretty with me and enter my addiction to lingerie:

1. @julieklingerie

The turning point of my love affair was when I stumbled upon Julie K’s handmade lingerie. Not only is her lingerie completely stunning, they are made to order. For anyone who has problems finding their bra size, be it a double-A cup or a F cup, Julie K asks for your measurements with every purchase to ensure proper fitting and is incredibly responsive to your needs. From body suits, to bralettes, to undies… a world of sexiness ensues from Scotland based Julie K. Oh, and did I mention her Insta-feed is full of tatted up babes in sexy lingerie? GTFO.

2. @lonelylingerie

This New Zealand lingerie account is relatively new to me, but I’m already predicting my funds being depleted from these adorably sexy bra sets. My obsession has previously been focused on bodysuits and rompers, but grrrrr(l), let me tell you, I can already see myself discarding my slew of mismatched bras and undies in exchanged for the sets on this IG account.

3. @fortnightlabel

Do not even get me started on the high-waisted undies that thrive on this site. Why have I been wearing anything else, but high-waisted underwear? I’ll tell you why, because I forgot to include them in my lingerie obsession. At first, I was drawn to the tight little slips that I picture myself roaming around my house with sexy, just out of bed, curls, but now the whole line has got me feeling some type of way… that I never want to wear regular clothes again.

4. @lanuitlingerie (on Twitter!)

This is a beautiful collection of lingerie that hails from Europe and found its way to a lingerie boutique in Toronto. I may not be able to shop in the store, but I definitely get lingerie-inspired perusing this feed. This account holds a special place in my heart because it was the first lingerie account to make me think: Dayyuuuum, I need a sexy bathrobe! What am I doing with my life and where am I going in my life that doesn’t require a sexy bathrobe?

5. @curvycoutureintimates

High-waisted panties do not discriminate and these on Curvy Couture Intimates look stunningly addictive. Beautiful corsets, bras, and thigh-high tights decorate this Instagram feed and some A+ models will make you drool with lingerie envy.

6. @lolevila

Why would I wear thongs when I can wear underwear with a full, cut-out of my applebum? Yeah, I don’t know either, but with this lingerie account, I never have to ask that question again. Whether it’s your first time, your 100th time, or your wedding night, Lolevila’s hand-made lingerie from the UK has the perfect attire for under your attire. May I say that the perfect occasion can easily be a night at home, watching softcore porn, and eating tacos by yourself. Just sayin’, not hatin’…

7. @zhilyova_lingerie

Garters, why do I need you? Why do I need to own a dozen of you? I have no other reason except for the fact that when I wear a garter while tending bar, I am the goddess of my domain and no one is getting drunk without relying on me. I am the dominatrix of booze, regardless if anyone can see said garter or not. With love(ly) lingerie from Russia, I am salivating over these garters, but they aren't just garters —some of these bad boys look like they take multiple people to get on and off (if you are slightly clumsy like myself) and that ain't a bad thing.

8. @brooklynfoxlingerie

Yes, yes y’all, Brooklyn is definitely in the lingerie game. These bodysuits and rompers are no joke and I am not laughing until I slip into a low-cut lacy black one-piece just to watch the premiere of Walking Dead on my couch. This account is definitely one I will covet until I can justify spending nearly $500 on a La Perla bra. Brooklyn Fox reps many labels, but it serves as inspiration for all of us lingerie lovers out there waiting to bankroll straight into some intimate couture.