Ronda Rousey Accepts Marine's Viral Invitation To The Marine Corps Ball — VIDEO

You'd have to be pretty brave to be Marine, but also pretty brave to be this Marine asking Ronda Rousey out in a now viral video. The Marine, Jarrod Haschert, is a huge fan of Ronda Rousey, and so took it upon himself to record and upload to YouTube a video of himself asking her on a date. And despite its format, I think it's one of the most polite date invitations I've ever heard being spoken, in which Haschert displays very gentlemanly behavior and a clear reverence for Rousey. In the video, Haschert makes a heartfelt plea for Rousey to join him at December's Marine Corps Ball. Surely, something like this would easily be lost in the ether of the Internet forever? Not so!

The video went viral and eventually made it all the way to the eyeballs of Miss Rousey herself, who adorably said YES to the invitation. As kismet would have it, the fight she was due to have in January, which Haschert references in the video, was moved to November, freeing her up to date with impunity through December. TMZ reported that Rousey called the Marine "cute" and that, "He's gotta be a gentleman, I'm not a first-date kind of girl, but we'll see when I meet him." SEXY!

Here's Haschert proposal:

AmericaFuckYeah on YouTube

And here's Rousey's interview in response, in which she makes an amazing Never Been Kissed reference, in case you didn't already love her enough:

Now let's all praise the wonderful Ronda Rousey, and kick ourselves for not thinking to ask her out first. Here's some of the many reason we love her so much:

1. She's Amazing At Her Job

2. And She's Proud And Confident

3. She's In Furious 7, So She's Obviously The Coolest

4. She's Beautiful

5. And Clever

6. Like, Really Clever

7. And An Extremely Empowered, Inspiring, Self-Made Woman

8. And Even Though She's A Goddess, She's Very Down To Earth

So what do the rest of us have to do to score an invite? If Ronda's going to be there, count us in.

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