12 DC Cartoons Dudes That You Totally Crushed On As A Tween

If you have in some point in your life been attracted to a cartoon character, you're not a weirdo. It happens to the best of us. In fact, it probably has happened to most of us. Animators really know how to bring out the most attractive qualities while drawing their cartoons and it's easy to find yourself thinking that the cartoon character on screen is good looking, especially if that character happens to be a superhero. With all the DC comics that have aired on television over the decades, there are bound to be a few characters who struck your fancy. These are just a few DC cartoon characters you may have found attractive over the years, whether you watched while growing up or happened to catch while flipping channels in your adult life.

And it's OK, because this weird crushing-on-cartoons thing happens to all of us. Sometimes it's as simple as being struck by the chiseled jawline of the Caped Crusader, other times it's a sweet face mixed with a hilarious or sassy joke. Or maybe it happens when you see your favorite hero being totally badass and taking villains to the ground while simultaneously saving thousands of people. Let's face it, way too many DC cartoon characters are unusually attractive and it's time we stop feeling weird about admitting it. So for your sake and mine, I'm shouting just a select few of my favorites from the rooftops. Won't you join me?

1. Bruce Wayne/Batman from Batman: The Animated Series

He's the Dark Knight, the brooding billionaire who saves lives after dark. Cartoon or not, Bruce Wayne/Batman has always been appealing thanks to his circumstance alone, but Bruce Wayne from Batman: The Animated Series in the '90s was easily one of the most attractive characters on television, despite being animated. The sharp jaw and features, those eyebrows that were only ever matched by Sandy Cohen himself (Peter Gallagher), and let's not forget those beautiful blue eyes. It's not hard to crush on Batman.

2. Terry McGinnis from Batman Beyond

It was 1999, and Batman Beyond first came onto our screens thanks to The WB. And no one was as attractive as Terry McGinnis. Maybe it was just the swooping black hair, the icy blue eyes or maybe it was just the fact that he was dealing with normal teenage struggles just like the rest of us. Whatever it was, Terry was crazy cute and definitely my first real crush on an animated character. And I refuse to believe I was alone in this.

3. Superman from The New Batman/Superman Adventures

He's the ultimate protector and beacon of good. Much like Batman, Superman had the chiseled jaw and other strong features, but the appeal of Superman from The New Batman/Superman Adventures was his personality and, of course, that perfectly coiffed and curled hair. No one can beat Superman in the classic hair department.

4. The Flash from Justice League

The Flash may not have been the most attractive DC cartoon character of all time just based on looks alone, but he gets major points for being the funniest. It makes the superhuman relatable and approachable despite being the fact that he saves the world for a living. Plus, the red hair totally works on him.

5. Wonder Woman from Justice League

No matter who you are, if you didn't find Wonder Woman at least a little attractive, you might want to get your head checked out. Not only was Wonder Woman from the Justice League animated series beautiful, she was strong and fierce and cool as hell.

6. Red Arrow from Young Justice

Young Justice is perhaps the newest series on the list, but DC continues to draw some seriously good looking animated characters. In fact, some of them are getting better and better with age (see: Number 11). This series follows the teenaged heroes who are related to their older counterparts, but the second season of the show takes place five years in the future. So the older version of the Red Arrow/Arsenal is the most attractive. The strong arms, the sharp jaw, that beautiful red hair — it all works for the guy. But I think I also associate Red Arrow/Arsenal with the live-action version from The CW's Arrow, aka Colton Haynes, who is beyond attractive. For that reason alone, all Red Arrow/Arsenal characters will have a soft spot in my heart (I miss you, Arrow's Roy Harper!)

7. Nightwing from Batman: Under The Red Hood

Perhaps it's that Nightwing is a much cooler iteration of Robin than Robin, perhaps it's that the character is drawn in such a handsome fashion. Or perhaps it's that Neil Patrick Harris voices Nightwing in this film that was released straight to video and played on TV, and NPH's voice is perfect for a superhero. All I know is Nightwing is awesome in Batman: Under The Red Hood...

8. Jason Todd/Red Hood from Batman: Under The Red Hood

But Jason Todd is better (sorry, Nightwing). Not only is Jason Todd more attractive thanks to his beautiful green eyes and the hair (that damn swoopy hair gets me every time), he's also voiced by one of the most beautiful men on TV right now: Jensen Ackles. That's right, Dean from Supernatural voices this beautiful DC cartoon character and elevates his attractiveness level tenfold.

9. Lois Lane from The New Batman/Superman Adventures

Lois Lane is the definition of awesome, regardless of how well she's drawn. But the version of Lois Lane in The New Batman/Superman Adventures is both beautiful (purple eyes, that's the dream) and kickass. With this Lois Lane and the one from The CW series Smallville show us that the women superheroes love can take care of themselves and help save the world.

10. Aquaman from Aquaman

He's the oldest DC animated cartoon on our list, but that doesn't make him any less attractive. Aquaman from his aptly titled series is the most traditional-looking superhero on our list, with the perfectly coiffed blonde hair and the appropriately strong frame. But being the All-American superhero is definitely attractive even if it's not the most original.

11. Cyborg from The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians

Out of all the amazing superheroes drawn for the animated series The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians from the '80s, Cyborg is definitely the most attractive. Half of his face is pretty much always covered and yet he's still better looking than Batman, Superman, Robin, and other traditionally appealing superheroes.

12. Bruce Wayne from Young Justice

And finally we get to quite possibly the best DC crush. I've already listed Bruce Wayne before but, guys, seriously, look at him. His updated beauty deserves another spot on this list. The Bruce Wayne from Young Justice typically steps aside in the plot so the teenaged heroes can complete their missions, but he's still a superhero who fights alongside his super team. He looks a little older, but he's still dapper as hell. In stereotypical, yet totally accurate fashion, his jaw could cut glass and you can tell he's seen so much with those eyes. This is the Batman who could break hearts and save them. I'm a grown adult and I'm still into it.

Damn you, DC animators, and your impeccable drawing skills!

Images: Warner Bros. Television (12)