When Is The 'Big Brother 17' Finale? There Are A Few Milestones To Reach First

The summer flew by and now it's officially September, which means one important thing for fans of a certain reality show: the Big Brother 17 finale is approaching. The CBS series may be known for all of its twists and turns, but from a production standpoint, it's actually very formulaic. Due to the amount of houseguests and evictions, it was always easy to predict when the season would come to an end, and Big Brother Gossip tweeted a confirmation on Monday: the Big Brother 17 finale will air on Sept. 23. This means that it will tie with Big Brother 16 for the longest season ever, with a total of 97 days in the house.

That's a major chunk of time for the houseguests to be sequestered, and I don't even want to do the math on how many hours I've spent watching Big Brother this summer. Still, that doesn't mean I want to end, and I'm glad there are a few other things fans can look forward to before the finale. Host Julie Chen always tells us to "expect the unexpected," but when it comes to the next few weeks, there are some things we can happily prepare for.

Double Eviction

On Thursday, Sept. 3 there's going to be another double eviction. As the first double eviction of the season taught us, anything can happen, and it places the new HoH in a very interesting position. They still get to nominate two houseguests, but those people won't really have time to campaign. I'm hoping to see some major moves this time, unlike when Steve froze up and helped send Jackie home.

Change In Schedule

Due to CBS showing Thursday Night Football, the Big Brother live shows are not going to always be on Thursdays from now on. Instead of having an eviction on Thursday, Sept. 17, that week's live show will be on Wednesday, Sept. 16. There will also be delays in Big Brother episodes airing due to football in certain areas of the country, so check your local listing before settling down for an episode.

Final Week

Sadly, the last week of the season is going to be a short one. There will be a new episode on Sunday, Sept. 20, but nothing the following Thursday. Instead, there will only be the 90-minute season finale on Wednesday, Sept. 23 at 9:30 p.m.

It's crazy to think that we are getting down to the wire on Big Brother 17, and yet the winner is still totally impossible to predict. That must be the part where we "expect the unexpected."

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Image: Sonja Flemming/CBS