Model Couple Thrifting In Brooklyn Is All Of Us

Sometimes, models are really just like us. Erik Conover and Jessica Clements, two models that together make up the cutest couple in NYC, spent a lazy Sunday together thrift shopping in Brooklyn, where Conover was on the prowl for the perfect pair of leather boots. One thing led to another, and before you know it they were trying on sweaters, cleaning the apartment, and eating avocado toast before settling into bed with wine.

And really, who hasn't been there? Their relatability (and maybe, just maybe Conover's adorable smile and Clements' equally adorable freckles) is why the YouTube videos of these two doing all the things that a normal couple does have gained a cult following. They genuinely seem to enjoy being around each other, and that makes even quotidian happenings — wandering around NYC, drinking out of oddly shaped water bottles — so much fun to watch.

But, model or not, if you've ever spent a Sunday afternoon with your S.O. you will definitely see yourself in this video, from negotiating more time in the dressing room to bantering about cleaning up dinner.

Here are seven times this model couple was just like us in their latest video.

1.) They get distracted by curiosities at the flea market.

Show me one person who can even walk by a tattered old book with the word "GHOSTS" embossed on the front and not need to pick it up.

2.) They complain about the high price of vintage.

Clements decides that they'd have better luck shopping at Beacon's Closet, and Conover agrees, recalling a pair of used boots that he spotted at the flea market that costs $100.

3.) She gets waaay too into shopping...

...and he bides his time until the sweet release of escaping the store. While Clements was busy styling Conover in a Rag & Bone sweater, he tried — and failed — to get out of shopping with the old "I'll just kind of go off to the side and do my own thing" line.

4.) "Freedom!"

Conover literally shouted with glee as they finally left the store.

5.) Conover decides to ditch shopping in favor of food.

They cleaned the apartment and settled in with sandwiches (avocado, salt flakes, red pepper, chicken, and olive oil), red wine, and a Budweiser Strawberita.

6.) They practically live in bed.

After a day of shopping, she continues the party with an online shopping session in bed, while he enjoys a glass of wine.

Head over to Conover's YouTube channel to see more of this stylish couple in action. Just consider yourself warned: These vids are totally addictive, and will give you major couple envy and fashion envy. The time they ate frozen s'mores at Dominique Ansel Bakery induced major food FOMO, and when they lament the exorbitant price of cereal, you'll find yourself shaking your fist in sympathetic outrage at NYC super markets. You will literally not be able to stop watching them. BRB, gotta go rewatch the Paris proposal again.