'22 Jump Street' Trailer Gives us 12 Reasons We're Dying to See the Film

Christmas has truly come early with the deliverance of a brand-spanking-new trailer for Channing Tatum's 22 Jump Street. The boys are back, but this time, the police office has moved across the street to conveniently named 22 Jump Street. Yet other than the change of address, it appears little else has evolved. After making it (somewhat) successfully through high school, Jenko and Schmidt are now sent to college (because obvi) to bust another drug lord. The "kids" are still jerks, the "kids" still look way younger than the pair had pictured, and the "kids" still have infinitely better comebacks than the two officers who grew up in the 80s'.

Despite its familiar tropes, this second-installment already has us laughing, especially with cameos from the first film's cast (sadly Brie Larson is no where to be seen). I would like to conclude by pointing out that 22 is directed by Phil Lord & Chris Miller, the pair that directed The Lego Movie. And on that note, here are 12 reasons we can't wait to see 22 Jump Street, out summer 2014.

1. Ron Swanson

Ron Swanson in a police officer's uniform. Ron Swanson with deadpan delivery and an abundance of mustache. All I want is Ron Swanson, all the time.

2. Channing Tatum's dance moves

3. Jonah Hill's dance moves

4. Just like the Taylor Swift song, 22 is Self Aware

"Nobody gave a shit about the Jump Street reboot, but you got lucky," says Nick Offerman.

5. The explosions

You can't have a police movie without some over the top CGI-enhanced explosions, right?

6. Channing Tatum in a Tuxedo

7. Ice Cube

With dialogue like, "We Jump Street, and we about to jump in yo' ass," how can you go wrong?

8. College

That is, their version of college which includes a pint-sized dorm room, colored disco lights and expandable laundry hampers.

9. Seth Rogen in full on goth makeup

Wait for it...wait for it.. (OK you can just skip ahead to 1:15).

10. Philosophical questions from Channing Tatum

"It's just drinking games and bonding why is that so painful for you?" He asks Rogen of college.

11. Mr. Walters is back, or should we say "Mrs."

Adorned in a bright orange prison mate's uniform, Walters is back, and now he's a woman. Remember when Hill shot his penis off in the first flick? So now he's got a vagina, because that's normal.

12. Dave Franco is also back!

Looking less hipster and more apathetic as he reassures the Jump Street boys that Mr. Walters is *not* his prison bitch.

See the trailer in all of it's 2.5 minute glory below:

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