Tommy Ton Debuts Street Style Website That Is Pure Fashion Eye Candy


Fashion Week followers and ardent consumers alike flock to street style photographer Tommy Ton's exquisite images on, but the renowned creative now has a new project to his name:, a street style website. Inaugurated on September 2, Ton's new website is a dream for those hopelessly infatuated with designer apparel, inspired ensembles, and elegant tastemakers.

"I thought it was really important, from a fashion nerd’s perspective, to be able to look back and view all these images I’ve taken in one place, and for it to be categorized down to every detail," Ton revealed during a chat with Business of Fashion . Indeed, from former Style Rookie blogger Tavi Gevinson to BryanBoy blogger Bryan Grey Yambao, the "fashion nerd" point of view has become as indispensable to the fashion industry as designers themselves. With a keen eye for trends and ensemble pairings just mad enough to work, street style bloggers revolutionized the fashion industry, and it seems the metamorphosis has only just begun.

Ton's ten years in the business of fashion photography will be well-documented on his website, which is reported to include some 15,000 iconic images. Despite his admittedly enviable status as the preferred photographer of fashion plates across the world, Ton refuses to refer to himself A-list.

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"I still consider myself an outsider," Ton admitted to Business of Fashion. Perhaps it is this deliberately self-effacing, humble attitude which endears him to his followers and his subjects.

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From couture runways to in-motion snaps of Fashion Week attendees on the go, Ton's website offers a wealth of images and indeed visual information for those who live and breathe fashion. Furthermore, Ton's images are organized in the most methodical manner for readers hoping to find a particular sort; viewers may search by Season, Trend, City, Gender, and Media, amongst other categories, to discover exactly what they seek.

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The freshly revamped site could be called an amalgamation of Ton's past projects, including shoppable Jak & Jil, and the nearly editorial image collections Ton has compiled for

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If you plan to keep tabs on New York Fashion Week by proxy this autumn, Tommy Ton's website will be the best tool in your arsenal for doing so. From outfit ingenuity to incredibly elegant sartorial updates, Ton's site is sheer fashion delight.

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