8 'Scream Queens' Title Sequence Revelations That Might Blow Your Mind — VIDEO

You know what doesn’t get much love anymore (or, at all)? Show title sequences. You know what I’m talking about, guys. Like the epic, unforgettable openings to The O.C. and Dawson’s Creek. Most shows get a couple seconds of a shot of the title before immediately diving into the episode. But, Scream Queens is bringing the title sequence back, apparently. Ryan Murphy posted the "Scream Queens: Super-Sized Main Title Sequence" to his YouTube account, and, man, is it reinstating a major trend.

Not only does the Scream Queens main title sequence do what any good title sequence should, it delivers elsewhere as well. For example, the sequence expertly and seamlessly introduces the uniqueness of each character in a millisecond clip, and it also captures the whole, true essence of the show. It’s creepy, it’s entertaining, and it’s thrilling. But, more than that, it’s revealing. Given that this show has a major mystery element, the title sequence gives us a lot to go off of in just one minute and 41 seconds. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I don’t know. It seems like this main title sequence has a bigger purpose than crediting the regular actors.

But, you should decide that for yourself. Below are the eight things we learned from watching the trailer, and it may change how you watch the show.

1. Everyone Looks Pretty Sinister In One Way Or Another

It was said that everyone was suspect, but I mean...

2. Some Are Definitely More Perturbing Than Others

Given the various YouTube comments and online speculation I've seen, people are quite suspicious of Lea Michele's character. But, what about Diego Boneta's? It's always the one you don't suspect...

3. But, There Are Actually Two Who Appear Somewhat Innocent

They're the only two who don't seem to be complicit in the Red Devil's activities, and who don't stare dead into the camera... like they know something.

4. There's Love In A Hopeless Place, Ladies And Gents

I suppose that's sweet. You know, amidst all the murder.

5. Lea Michele's Character Looks More Intrigued Than Scared By The Murder Weapons

Still not convinced she's guilty, though.

6. Glen Powell's Character Is Positively Terrifying (In A Good Way)

You know what I wouldn't do if someone was trying to cut off my air supply with a golf club? SMILE.

7. There Might Be A Significance With Time

Looks to be around 12 or 1 o'clock, I'd say, in the morning. The witching hour, perhaps? Keep your eyes peeled, guys.

8. V. Important Discovery: The Red Devil Is Shown In The Sorority Portrait

See that burning oval outline? Yup, just like these...

Does that mean the killer is a KKT sister?! Perhaps...

Remember: Keep these curious things in mind when you watch the pilot, friends.

Ryan Murphy on YouTube

Images: RyanMurphy/YouTube (9)