Can You Hang Your Sweaters This Fall?

Sweaters are a must have for fall. Whether you're into big, thick knits or thin cover-ups, they all eventually need to be put away. You may have wondered about the best way to store them, and whether you can hang your sweaters without totally stretching them out. I have good news! You totally can. Let's face it, the cold-weather staple is a pain in the butt to store, but there are some simple sweater storage hacks that will make your life so much easier — and keep your closet organized.

It's been up for debate by the experts for some time now, but the verdict is finally in: hanging sweaters without ruining them is as easy as switching up your technique. You can work with the hangers you've already got in your closet to prevent pesky problems like stretched out necklines, hanger slippage (you know, when the sweater winds up crumpled on your closet floor), and those dreaded shoulder bumps that form when a hanger puts too much pressure on the fabric.

Thankfully, some creative YouTubers out there have figured out the solutions to all three problems, and each trick is super easy to implement at home. You no longer have to struggle to fit your chunky knits into your dresser, because these three tips will allow you to hang them up and keep things organized.

1. Hang Sweaters Without Stretching The Neck Out

I saw this video and had a complete "aha!" moment. Instead of reaching inside the sweater and forcing the neck over the hanger, pull the hanger through the top. It doesn't get simpler than this.

2. Hanging Heavy Sweaters

Folding your sweaters around the hanger instead of dangling them from the shoulders will prevent them from slipping off while also letting them hold their shape. You'll save yourself tons of shelf space and won't have to re-hang your sweaters again and again.

3. Getting Rid Of Pesky Bumps

If you're an avid sweater-wearer, you've probably experienced those pesky shoulder bumps that appear when you hang a sweater the traditional way. Get rid of them by dabbing a little bit of water on the spot. Genius!

These three sweater hacks will save you a ton of time and frustration. Who knew the key to hanging your sweaters was so quick and easy?