‘Catfish' Couple Brittany & Bryon Have Both Been Through A Lot, & Have Even More At Stake

Prepare for the possibility of one of the darkest Catfish episodes to date with Brittany and Bryon. Just like past episodes, Brittany met Bryon online, and struck up an immediate relationship. Because of her past history with relationships and her past family issues, Brittany was looking for someone who would love her and who she could love back. Enter Bryon, the dude catfishing her (well, it's TBD if he's catfishing her). Brittany has called upon Nev and Max to help investigate if Bryon is really the Bryon she believes she has been communicating with, because this relationship means too much to her to lose.

This episode of Catfish has a lot at stake — more so than previous episodes of just young kids screwing around on the Internet because they're bored. Brittany has a family, and has been through a lot of relationships that haven't worked out. Unfortunately, I feel like starring on Catfish isn't necessarily a sign for a successful relationship — but hey, what do I know? It's worked out for people in the past, right? There was... that... one couple, from that... one season, right?

So is Brittany talking to Bryon, the guy she's pictured for some time? Or is this just another Catfish story for the record books?

Here's everything we know about this couple.

Brittany Has A Lot On The Line

Brittany is a mother of three and is recently divorced. To steal Nev's phrasing, "she's been burned twice." It is very possible — very — that she is going to make that burn count a three at the end of this process. Brittany feels like Bryon is exactly what she's looking for in a partner — she loves him, she says.

Both Have Been Through A Lot

This is where it gets kind of heavy. Both Brittany and Bryon have been through a lot in their lives (assuming Bryon is telling the truth). Brittany experienced a rather difficult childhood with her mother in prison and little relationship with her father (who lives across the country from her). Bryon allegedly suffers from PTSD and calls Brittany in the middle of the night saying he hears bombs going off. According to what he has told Brittany, his mother also killed herself when he was just two. Both have been through some really sad things in their lives, and surely a faux-relationship will not add to that distress.

Brittany's Children Are Also Involved

Brittany also worries about her relationship with Bryon because her kids are involved in it now. Even though we won't see her children — the children's fathers are not comfortable with the kids being on TV — Brittany says that the kids are very much "into it." What does that actually mean? According to Brittany, her kids would see her talking on the phone for extended periods of time and would start asking questions. Brittany didn't lie about it, and told the kids she was talking to Bryon, which later led to them greeting Bryon when he and their mom would talk.

Max Is Promoting We Are Your Friends

Either a coincidentally-timed wardrobe choice, or strategic promotion on Mr. Max Joseph's part, but one thing we do know about this episode of Catfish is that Max is going to try to make you be one of the few people to actually see We Are Your Friends .

My only hope is that if Bryon is lying to her, Brittany is able to move on and be strong for her family.

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