Kourtney Kardashian Shows Us How To Comfy Chic

by Julia Guerra

I’ll be the first to vouch for running errands not requiring getting dressed to the nines (if at all), but being comfy shouldn't mean looking sloppy. Treating son Mason and daughter Penelope to lunch on Tuesday, Kourtney Kardashian wore comfy chic outfit featuring a nude tank and high-waisted trousers with elevated sneakers, confirming all suspicion that being laid-back doesn't mean sacrificing style.

The Kardashian women have prided themselves on their iconic fashion sense in recent years. Their red carpet looks never cease to stun, attracting praise across all media spectrums, and while I’ve relished in their fashionable finds, I have always preferred their street style, specifically Kourtney’s.

This is not the first time we've spotted the mother of two taking at-ease attire and making a stylish statement, but it's definitely one of my favorites. There is nothing easier than piecing together a tank and bottoms, but with the right color scheme and polished accessories, it's easy to give the illusion of high end attire when, in fact, you're really only wearing the basics.

Up until recently, Scott Disick could man the children so his long term girlfriend could get all glitz and glam for the day or occasional night out. Now this Kardashian is a one-woman show, and time is of limited supply. Running to the store and chauffeuring the kids to and fro is no catwalk, friends, but for this Kardashian, being comfortable does not mean sacrificing style.

There are a variety of ways you can create a chic look with comfortable clothes, and if you're in search of some inspo, this Kardashian has got you covered. Check out five other times she dressed comfortably and looked chic. If she can, we all can.

1. Tees and Jeans

Graphic t-shirts are great for comfort and convenience. We often see the eldest Kardashian throw one on with a pair of jeans when she's off the clock, and it's an easy look to emulate. Bonus? These pieces are generally budget friendly.

2. Plaid Shirts and Knee Highs

The ultimate way to wear an oversized plaid shirt is to sport one as a dress. Talk about comfy, cozy, and oh so sexy.

3. Chillin' While Traveling

Hovering mile high and being trapped in a plane requires comfies all around. Button downs are loose, but polished. Kardashian looks cute, and is still able to kick back and enjoy her flight.

4. Blazer And Booties

Looking dressed up when dressing down 101: throw a tailored blazer over a graphic t-shirt, pair with ripped jeans and booties.

5. Bunny Ears And Pointy Boots

No matter the occasion, especially when pregnant, comfort is always key. The easiest way to feel comfortable and look stylish, is to throw on a lightweight dress, slip into some flat sole boots and call it a day. You'll look good, and feel better.