Does Austin Not Being Nominated On 'Big Brother' 17 Mean He’ll Win? If It Happened To Derrick, It Can Happen to Him

It’s a little too soon to tell if Austin will make it through Big Brother 17 without being nominated for eviction, but still — all of this talk about his amazing winning streak has me wondering: If Austin is never nominated for eviction, will he definitely win? Certainly, staying off the nomination block is key to not being sent home, but does it necessarily guarantee a win?

Technically no. Remember: The houseguests can only win if the jury members vote for them. So, it’s technically possible for Austin to go through this entire season without ever being nominated and still not win the game. However, judging by Derrick’s season and the few other seasons where players have gotten by without ever being nominated, the chance of a win is pretty high for those houseguests who never go up on the eviction block.

Why? Probably because the jury members end up admiring that kind of game play, because to go an entire season without being nominated for eviction is a serious feat. Some houseguests might feel that anyone who can make it that far deserves to win the entire thing.

Then, there is also the fact that, if you have never been nominated for eviction, chances are the people who have kept you off of the block will also be the people to vote for you to win the game.

And judging by Derrick’s season — Derrick was never nominated, won the game, and went down in Big Brother history as one of the best players the house has ever seen — if Austin can stay off of the nomination block, he might stand a pretty good chance of winning the entire thing. Because there have only been two other people who have gone an entire season without being nominated for eviction, and they have gone on to win the whole thing.

Austin probably likes the sound of those odds. Considering that every player who has gone an entire season without being nominated has also gone on to win the game, I’m going to say that, if Austin can hold onto this streak, his likelihood of winning the game like Derrick did before him is pretty high.

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