Are Bugs Hiding In Your Makeup Sponges?

by Jessica Thomas

Any makeup addict worth her salt knows that foundation applies much more seamlessly with a specially designed sponge. Unfortunately, one girl got the surprise of her life when she started using her new tool. Stevie Miller claimed she found bugs in her makeup sponge and filmed the entire (disgusting) discovery.

Miller is a makeup professional who regularly posts beauty tutorials on YouTube, and her Facebook and Instagram are both full of drool-worthy beauty looks. The video Miller shared purports to show that the sponge she purchased had a couple of bugs in it, which Miller claims she noticed when she was applying foundation.

Because the sponge looks like a Beautyblender, the company released a statement.

We are unable to verify the authenticity of the video or to confirm whether the sponge shown in the video is in fact a genuine Beautyblender purchased from an authorized retailer. Instances like this reconfirm how important it is for consumers to purchase their Beautyblender products only from an authorized retailer to ensure that they receive the level of quality and performance that the Original Beautyblender is known for To find a list of authorized retailers in your area please visit Beautyblender's website..

After Miller allegedly found the first bug, she started filming her discovery, and the results are hilarious. In the video, she pulls apart the sponge with tweezers and a giant pair of scissors, and appears to discover even more creepy crawly bugs. (Luckily, they were dead by this point).

Miller's reactions are on point, and at one part, she declares: "I need bleach. I need a shower. I need Jesus." Her mom was even video-chatting with her, offering some hilarious commentary, as well.

Here's a breakdown of the whole video:

The initial suspicion

Miller claims to have first noticed there was a small hole in her sponge and says in the video that she thought something from her makeup bag had gotten in it. She investigated with a pair of tweezers.

The discovery

In the video, she says she found a beetle-like bug, which was pretty much the opposite of what she expected.

The giant wing

Next, Miller pulled on the bug's wing. It was big, and she found a penny to make an accurate size comparison.

The next bug

Next in the video, Miller discovered another bug in the sponge, and her description of the creatures was hilarious. "It's got weird little legs — like, spiky legs — and wings the size of my head," she claimed.

The sacrifice of the sponge

At this point, Miller was clearly never going to use this sponge again. It was time to discover what else could be inside of it. She used a giant pair of scissors to cut it open.

The freakout face

By the time the video gets to the halfway point, Miller is officially not calm anymore. She's visibly freaking out and making disgusted faces like this one.

The final damage

After 10 minutes of cutting open her sponge, this was the final count in the video: three dead beetle-like bugs and one wing.

Check out the entire video below to hear Miller's commentary (and her mom's hilarious reaction):

Images: Facebook