'Key & Peele' Parody Neil deGrasse Tyson Arguing With His Wife & It Proves Science Always Comes In Handy

Science can get you out of all kinds of trouble, at least that's what Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele believe about one of the coolest scientists on television, Neil deGrasse Tyson. On Wednesday night's episode of Key & Peele , the comedians parodied the famous scientist as he gets himself out of trouble and arguments with his wife over regular married people problems — like not taking the dog out to its business and not being ready in time to leave for an event — by attempting to confuse her with scientific theories posited to a fake audience using holograms and cool images on the screen. But the comedians also joke later in the sketches that Tyson tries to use science to get out of bigger marital problems like supposedly cheating. Now let's be extremely clear, this is obviously a joke and I sincerely doubt Key or Peele are trying to imply anything about Tyson or make these jokes in a mean-spirited fashion. That's why it's so funny, because it's so completely far-fetched and untrue.

The Neil deGrasse Tyson skits are peppered throughout the episode with Tyson using things like multiple universe theory and the idea that the present is such a minuscule part of time as a whole to confuse his wife out of having simple arguments. But scientists are mentioned over and over again in the episode as a whole. It's not just Neil deGrasse Tyson that becomes a victim to Key & Peele. The comedians jokingly sully Bill Nye the Science Guy's name as well when Peele tells Key a story about how Nye supposedly hit on and tried to steal away his girlfriend.

To be fair, Peele reveals earlier in the episode that he is currently on an acid trip and wouldn't be surprised if this road trip and present moment with Key turned out to be totally made up. So obviously you can't trust a word Peele says about anything else in the episode. But the comedians do bring up one excellent and potentially truthful point. It is totally possible to get out of an argument with someone by confusing the heck out of them. If I were as ridiculously smart as Tyson, I would totally attempt this technique over an argument like not washing the dishes or something equally as insignificant. The only difference is that Neil deGrasse Tyson would look so much cooler doing it.

Images: Danny Feld/Comedy Central (2)