'The Voice' Season 5: Watch the Best of Jacquie Lee, Tessanne Chin, and Will Champlin

On Tuesday night, Season 5 of The Voice will come to a close, but we've got a lot of show ahead of us. Monday night, the three finalists Will Champlin, Tessanne Chin, and Jacquie Lee will (hopefully) dazzle us with performances, and just like every week, we peons will vote our faces off. This week is extra special, however, because the votes will determine The Voice victor. The Voicetor? The Victoice? The Velociraptor? The Voice Velociraptor will be named Tuesday... eh, I'll keep working on it.

Finalists Champlin, Chin, and Lee have had some incredibly memorable moments on the show. Admittedly, I've forgotten about a lot of them because The Voice is The Odyssey of TV shows: Both are so very long! There are thousands of characters! There are obstacles! There can only be one husband of Penelope/Voice champion! I remember the gist of what went down, but the details are extremely fuzzy! This analogy works, right? Right. Okay. To be honest, the only part I really remember from The Odyssey is Calypso. I don't know anything about the character, but I do know that Vanessa Williams played her in the miniseries.

Well, now that I've exposed my lack of knowledge regarding a literary classic, let's get into my favorite performances from season five's finalists. So stoked to see what they do Monday night!

Will Champlin

"A Change Is Gonna Come"

His range. UGH.

"When I Was Your Man"

Will did a Bruno Mars song without breaking a sweat. Also, hi Matthew Schuler!

"At Last"

I think this was when everyone was like, "oh damn. Will is kind of beastly." His voice sounds crazy clear here. And, oh! Don't get me started on the part that starts at 2:12 and ends at 2:18. Like, WHAT? Are you KIDDING ME, Will?!

Tessanne Chin

"Next To Me"

I get really emotional when I watch this Tessanne/Donna Allen Battle Round. And yes, I've watched it several times. They just go SO HARD.

"Redemption Song"

Ugh. I don't know what I can say about Tessanne at this point.

"Bridge Over Troubled Water"

Tears all over my face. This performance happened a week ago, and I'm still shaking.

Jacquie Lee

"I Put a Spell on You"

This was the "oh crap, she's going to be a finalist" moment for me.


Tears all over my face again. Yeah, she can belt, but like, those high notes!

"Love is Blindness"

When Jacquie is old enough to go to karaoke bars (she's a teen, remember?), she should perform this song.

Man. This finale is going to be wild. The range between these three! They're all so GOOD. It's like... Odysseus and the um... uh... I don't know. I've got nothing. Maybe I should go read that book again.

Image: NBC