You Can Now Get A ".Sex" Website, Because There Wasn't Enough Sex On The Internet

There is something new on the Internet, but I, for one, am not exactly sure why. Basically, in case you've ever seen and thought "But what is this for!?!", the Internet just got even more explicit. Because having "porn" and "sex" in the names of websites wasn't clear enough for some of us, apparently. According to Fortune, "a website registry service started selling the first '.sex' domain names on a limited basis Wednesday, and soon the name will be available to all comers," and, for the love of god, do I hope a pun was intended. That had to have been an on-purpose pun. But I mean — and I never, never thought I'd say this — but is there maybe enough sex on the Internet? Maybe? Aren't there already enough great places to find porn?

For those of you that, like me, are a bit "WTF?!" when it comes to why this is needed, turns out a lot of people agree. Fortune says that this addition to the Internet is "likely to lead to fuel further criticism of ICANN, the global organizations that overseas web names."

I've come up with three very scientific pros and cons for the new .sex development, so you can decide for yourself how you feel about it:


1. There May Soon Be Websites Like:

OK I know I said there was enough sex on the Internet... but maybe not. Come on, it has a pretty great ring to it. Right?

2. You Can Make Your Bae A Sexy Website

Reserve and post nothing but their favorite sexy things: pizza, couches, onesies, indoors-es. All the lovely things. Talk about romance.

3. We Will Finally Find Out What Sexy Versions Of Our Favorite Fast Foods Look Like

I'm just saying, if someone doesn't make an amazing website this is a missed opportunity.


1. Everything You Love Will Be Corrupted

There will now be a .sex for everything. Fortune explains that "Disney, for instance, would not relish visitors arriving at websites like '' or '' (the company appears to have already taken control of"

2. Do We Actually Need This?

According to Fortune, "'.sex' sites will join '.adult,' '.xxx' and '.porn' as part of a huge expansion of Internet real estate that began in 2012". Is that not enough for you, Internet?!

3. It's Going To Cost People Some Serious Money

So you know how Disney won't want a site? Basically, as far as I understand, everyone who doesn't want a pervy version of their company or name made will have to pay to get the site themselves, or else risk someone else reserving it and making it pervy. Bummer.

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