How To Clean Under Your Nails The Right Way

by Lindsey Rose Black

Be honest, how many random utensils have you used in your lifetime to get annoying dirt and grime out from under your nails? After realizing it was a really bad idea to use scissors (true story, what was I thinking?), I decided it was time to find out how to clean under nails properly once and for all. Thanks to a little investigative action, I'm happy to report the most consistently reliable solution is way too simple.

As fall begins to drop temperatures, your hands' best friend could in fact be the dirty nail enemy. Glamour commenters pointed out nails often get dirtier faster in cooler months, and the lint from inside gloves could be to blame! If you start to notice your nails are always full o' crap, turn your gloves inside out and dust them off.

Of course, not all problems stem from gloves and, regardless of where dirt comes from, it has to be tackled. Nothing ruins food -inspired nails so nom worthy you'll work up your fashion appetite like ugly grime lines collecting under your nail bed. So put down the scissors (or whatever the heck else you've used before), and follow the steps below!

1. Get A Nail Brush

Wooden Nail Brush, $5, Amazon

Beauty Heaven says nothing is more important than a good nail brush for dirt removal. It works better than any object that scrapes the grime out, as those can cause you to accidentally push dirt further or damage under nail bed. The Body Shop's nail brush is my favorite. It's affordable, sturdy, and pretty dang elegant as far as nail brushes are concerned.

2. Soak Your Hands

Make sure your hands are nice and moist (ugh, moist) before scrubbing. If you just rinse your hands under water quickly, you could damage your nail bed! My favorite time to clean under nails is in the shower, because hello, my hands are definitely going to be moist within like, one minute.

3. Scrub 'Till Squeaky Clean

Beauty Heaven also broke down exactly how to scrub. Clean underneath your nails by squeezing a touch of antibacterial soap on the brush and then holding it downward. Move the back and forth lightly until all dirt is removed and your nails will be sparkling clean.

4. Moisturize

Hydrating Hand Cream, $19, Amazon

Don't let your nails get dried out from the soap and scrubbing after you've cleaned under them. My favorite hand moisturizer of the moment is from Trilogy, thanks to it's crazy good smelling mix of natural vanilla and orange!

Image Credit: myllissa, SCA Svenska Cellulosa Acktibolaget, Chiot's Run/Flickr