Who Is Ronny Chieng? The New 'Daily Show' Correspondent Is Already An Accomplished Comedian

If you're still bummed about the fact that Jon Stewart has parted ways with The Daily Show, don't worry — Comedy Central has us covered. Now that we know that Trevor Noah will be taking over the hosting duties, the network made another move to keep things fresh by bringing in even more new blood. This week, Comedy Central announced they're adding three new correspondents to The Daily Show , including Ronny Chieng. But since he's a newcomer to TV, you might not be too familiar with his work. After a little bit of research, though, I'm pretty sure he's going to be a great edition to the show. And if you were all like, "who is Ronny Chieng?" after reading the news like I was, it's time to get to know this guy, especially if you're planning to stick around and see what a Daily Show post-Jon Stewart is like.

The basics: Chieng is an award-winning standup comedian who currently lives in Australia. He's pretty well known around Melbourne, and has opened for several big names in comedy, like Dave Chapelle, Bill Burr, and Bob Saget when they toured Asia and Australia. And from everything I've seen on social media, it seems like Chieng is going to kick ass at this job.

He Is The Happiest Dude

Let's get this out of the way first, because it's something I noticed about him immediately and absolutely love. In almost every photo Chieng shares on Instagram, he's sporting a massive grin. Anyone who looks this delightful at all times is someone I would like to tell me a joke, please.

He Has His Own Podcast

I like how he starts it by saying that no one is listening to this podcast. Also, I am just as confused about what the actual title of Fast and Furious 7 is.

He Was The Cutest Little Kid

Can we talk about the bowtie?

His Comedy Is Actually Really Good

TheMelbComedyFest on YouTube

I am picky about what standup comedy I actually like, but this is good. Also a plus: Hardly any negative YouTube comments. What random YouTube commenters think shouldn't say anything about a person's talent since so often it's all bad, but in reality, it really does. This is a good sign!

He's Super Stoked About Joining The Daily Show

And since he's so excited, you know he's going to do an awesome job.

Image: Doug Cosgrove/Comedy Central