Maud Le Car Surfs In High Heels Like A Boss To Challenge Gender And Pro Sport Stereotypes — VIDEO

If you thought you had mastered stilettos you're sorely mistaken, as this woman surfs in high heels. French surfer Maud Le Car is our new hero, and possibly the baddest babe we've come across in a while. As a pro surfer, Le Car is dedicated to breaking down stereotypes of what it means to be both a woman and a surfer. In this amazing video, she takes to the surf in a glamorous little black dress and matching heels, and absolutely dominates the waves like a true champion. The video is captioned as follows:

"Being a sexy pro surfer is one thing and being a skilled and accomplished pro surfer is another... Pro surfer Maud Le Car wants you to know that female pro surfers can look glamor and talented at the same time. She wants to prove that surfing is not just about glamor. Surfing is one of the most physically demanding sports there today."

Indeed, being a woman doesn't have to look any certain way, nor does being an expert in any given field. Women do not have to be dainty to be feminine, and elite athletes do not have to be "butch" or masculine in order to be the best at what they do. Le Car has captured this perfectly by bridging the gab between being a world class pro at her job, while also dressing in a way that makes her feel happy and sexy. Here's some of the highlights:

1. Her Gal Pals On The Beach Drinking Rosé And Cheering Her On

Because groups when women build each other up with support and love it's a real gift. Also, Rosé.

2. How Great Her Taste In Shoes Is

3. How Easy And Natural She Makes This Incredibly Difficult Sport Look

4. How Strong And Skilled And Amazing She Is

5. And How Confident She Is In Herself And Her Abilities

Watch the full video below:

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