How To Treat Razor Burn Fast

Nothing wrecks the bliss of that silky smooth, just shaved moment like razor burn. Luckily, whether on your pits, legs, or elsewhere, you can learn how to treat razor burn fast and put an end to the irritated, burning agony. Hang in there!

Better than treating is preventing in the first place, so lets do a quick rundown on razor burn prevention. XO Vain explains that your goal is to get the closest shave possible. To do so, make sure you've exfoliated beforehand, are using a new razor (or at least a new blade) every time, and have shaving cream. Additionally, don't rush and shave too fast, or turn your shower water up crazy hot.

The Huffington Post also recommends checking to see if your blades are dull or if your razor needs cleaning. If it's been more than 10 shaves since you last changed your blade, you can definitely count an old razor as the culprit of razor burn. Switch it up!

If, despite your best efforts, you still end up with razor burn, the ways to soothe and treat are plentiful. Razor burn is a pretty much inevitable thing at least once in awhile, and making sure you have the right products on hand to soothe means the difference between an agonizingly uncomfortable day, or just an "oh, damn" couple of minutes. Once you've cooled your burned little body down with the tips below, go roll your legs in sheets and feel the joy. You've earned it!

1. Aloe Vera Gel

Not surprising, aloe vera gel is a great way to immediately calm down and cool your skin off when the burning is at its fiercest.

2. Cold Compress

Similar to aloe vera, Health That suggests reaching for a cold compress to get the burning and redness down if you have to run out the door soon after shaving.

3. Oatmeal & Chamomile

To sooth and nourish, make a small pot (two cups) of strong chamomile tea, and then use it cook one and a half cups of oatmeal. Once the tea-infused oatmeal has cooled a bit, rub it over the razor burn and leave on for several minutes before rinsing with warm water. Both the oats and chamomile have incredibly skin-healing properties.

4. Coconut Oil

You know you saw this coming, seeing as coconut oil is basically as essential to existence as oxygen at this point. Board-certified dermatologist Dr Jennifer Chwalek told Huffington Post, "Coconut oil hydrates irritated skin and has demonstrated anti-inflammatory activity." Oh coconut oil, what can't you do? Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, $28.45,

5. Hydrocortisone Cream

When you need to resort to the big leagues, opt for hydrocortisone cream. Its anti-inflammatory properties will soothe your irritated skin incredibly fast. My favorite treatment strategy is to start with hydrocortisone cream in the morning, then do a tea and oatmeal leg "mask" at night. Aveeno® Active Naturals Anti-itch Cream, $4.99,

Image Credit: PublicDomainArchive/Pixabay;Andreas Issleib, Pierre (Rennes), Daniel Go/Flickr; Courtesy of Brands