EverBlock's Adult LEGOs Will Bring Back The Whimsy In Your Grown Up Life — PHOTOS

I have four words for you: GIANT LEGOS FOR GROWN-UPS. I’m pretty sure that’s all I need to say to sell you on the idea behind EverBlock, a modular system of large plastic blocks that interlock the same way that LEGOs do, but the blocks are even cooler than they appear at first glance. Although they might seem at first to be little more that nostalgia-inducing toys for grown-ups, they actually have some unexpectedly useful applications: The blocks can be used to create furniture, room dividers, and even temporary buildings. Not bad for something that looks like an inflated kids’ toy, right?

Created by Arnon Rosan, the EverBlock system currently offers three types of blocks. The full-size block is a foot long and six inches high, the half-size is six inches long, and the quarter-size is three inches long. Users can also add cap pieces to give a bit of polish to their creations. The blocks come in a variety of colors, allowing users to get creative with color placement (I particularly like the Mondrian-inspired wall below). Although I think simply playing with the blocks for fun would be a worthwhile project in its own right, the blocks can be used to make a wide variety of sturdy furniture pieces and structures. Large block walls or structures can be reinforced with metal re-bar, wood dowels, or PVC rod for stability, and power cables and LED strips can be threaded through channels in the blocks. So that castle you made with LEGOs as a kid that you’ve always wished were real? Here’s your chance to build it, deck it out with disco lights, bring in a sound system, and have the LEGO-castle party of your dreams.

Find out more about EverBlock and how to buy the system on the EverBlock website. You can even start designing your very own block-castle with EverBlock’s 3D virtual builder.

Images courtesy of EverBlock (8).