Jimmy Garoppolo Is Sad Tom Brady's Back

New England Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady got good news on Thursday. A federal judge overturned his four-game suspension issued by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in the aftermath of "Deflategate." Federal District Court Judge Richard M. Berman ruled that the collective bargaining agreement between the NFL and the players' union didn't allow Goodell to suspend Brady. But the case didn't determine whether or not Brady was actually involved in the deflated football scandal around January's American Football Conference championship game. While Brady was still suspended, his teammate Jimmy Garoppolo was preparing to be the team's starting quarterback in the first four games of the season. Now, hilarious memes featuring Garoppolo reacting to Brady's lifted suspension sum up how a lot of people feel about Judge Berman's decision.

NFL season starts September 10, with a game between the Patriots and the Steelers. Garoppolo was ready to lead the Patriots in Brady's absence, telling The Boston Herald: "Whether I’m the starter, backup, whatever that may be, I’m preparing like the starter, and I’ve got to be ready for Week 1." Unfortunately for the second-year player, he'll probably return to his position as backup quarterback. There's still a chance that Brady won't be able to play in the first game, as the NFL announced that it will appeal Judge Berman's decision. But nevertheless, Garoppolo must have been a little disappointed to hear that Brady's suspension was repealed.

Here are 16 funny memes of Garoppolo's reaction to Brady's lifted suspension.