9 Style Cues To Take From Clarissa Darling

Fashion isn’t the only industry taking cues from the '90s. Word on the street is that Nickelodeon’s bringing back old shows, including a potential slew of cartoon classics like Rugrats and Hey Arnold! to Double Dare and All That. Personally, I think it’s time the fashion from Clarissa Explains It All returns to the tube because, let’s face it, have you ever seen a teenage girl that answers all the questions and embodies '90's alternative style like this chick? Didn’t think so.

These days, our favorite series provide us with more than entertainment. Sure, we still abide by the rules of style passed on from upstanding glossy magazines, but shows like Sex and the City, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, and more are providing us with live-action look books. Actresses are no longer reading a script and going about their lives. These women, both on and off camera, inspire the latest fashion statements and beauty trends.

Convenient that television networks are thinking back to this influential era the same time fashion’s having an “alternative” moment. We’re seeing high socks and crop tops, preppy pieces and gothic details re-emerge from our childhood this season, and now it’s time to reinstall all the mix-n-match stylings that complete our '90's transformation. Enter Clarissa Darling.

If you were a '90's kid, Clarissa had your dream wardrobe: leggings for days, layers on fleek, and all the costume jewelry a girl could want. If you didn't grow up in the '90's, no matter. This season, the era of alternative spunk is making a comeback and you can get the look this time around.

Check out below nine of the many fashion cues you should be taking from this '90's TV icon. Baggy layers and tie dye tees highly encouraged.

1. Sideways Hats

...or backwards hats. Really anyway you could wear a hat that wasn't straight worked. Bonus points if it's bedazzled.

2. Denim And Dresses

I am all for bringing this look back. Tying one of these tops at the waist of a spaghetti strap sundress is quite adorable if you ask me, and clearly Clarissa agrees.

3. Pairing Patterns

Sometimes you just don't know what to wear and you throw it all on, because who said matching was ever the end-all-be-all of fashion anyway?

4. Chunky Dangle Earrings

I'm more of a white gold studs girl myself, but costume earrings were a hot item in the '90's. They are fun, feminine, and definitely make a statement. I mean, how can you miss 'em?

5. Multi-Color Denim

Jean jackets are making a comeback this season, but let's take it a step further, shall we? Ditch the basic blue jean jacket and opt for some colored or patterned denim.

6. Hipster Vibes

I hadn't realized it when the show was still on the air, but Clarissa had a little bit of a hipster style going on with her multiple vests and thick pair of shades.

7. Colors On Fleek

Whether tie dye or neon, the brighter the better.

8. Suspender Straps

Contrary to popular belief, these are not Urkle exclusive, and actually make for an awesome accessory.

9. Layering Leggings

This girl owns more leggings than I own underwear. She literally had like five pairs per episode for every outfit. Paired with skirts, shorts, jeans, capris — you name the bottom, she'd supply the leggings. These were cool when I was in high school, but have since become an active wear staple. Let's bring these back to every day attire, guys.

Images: Courtesy of Nickelodeon (5)